[2024] How to hire remote app developers for startups in India

In this digital era, we already know that the demand for developers is very high, people are learning to code and thinking that this will settle there like, I don’t know about other countries but in India probably things are going like this. According to StartupRanking, India is the second biggest hub for startups globally. The USA, UK, and Canada really like India for outsourcing software work. However, Indian startups face a challenge in finding experienced developers to work with them.

The main problem for Indian startups is that developers are hesitant to work with them. Some companies end up hiring any available developer, but often these developers switch jobs within a year. So hire a strong team and manage them startup owners have to shift 30% of their efforts to do this which dubaiappdeveloper find a big problem in the market.

So let’s understand in this article that if you are a startup owner then how you can hire app developers remotely and manage them.

The most common reason for developers who don’t want to work in a startup in India is salary. I average app developer salary in India is 11.3 lakh per year. Whereas if they work for a foreign client they get just double this.

It is simple if you pay a good price for their skills and experience then you can hire developers anywhere, but if you have a very tight budget then don’t worry about it, I will guide you.

hire remote app developer for startup in india

Let’s first understands what is the requirement to hire remote app developers for startup in India.

Requirement for hiring a remote app developer in India

Define your requirements: Make a clear list of what your app will do, what you want to achieve with it, and the detailed things it must be able to do.

Determine Tech stack: Choose the tools and computer languages you want the developers to know for your project.

Set a budget: Decide how much money you’re willing to spend on hiring developers who work remotely. Consider the monthly and overall budget of the project. And try to add up some extra amount also for the safe side

Write a detailed job description: Write a thorough job advertisement that clearly describes your project needs, the skills required, and the qualities you seek in a developer. Also, describe his role in the project and what he will learn from it.

Make a Contract: Make sure you have a legal agreement that clearly states all the details of the project, such as what needs to be done, when it should be finished, who owns the rights to the work, and what you will pay to the developer everything.

If you have any bonus policy that if a developer will remain till project completion then you will pay him some bonus then mention that also.

I have explained in detail in one of my previous articles how to hire freelance mobile app developers in dubai so if you want you can read it from here.

Now the second part of where I will get a remote app developer in India

Places to find remote app developers in India

I know many of the startup owners who have not read this article will go to freelancer platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, hire cheap developers at very cheap rates, and give them the project and become happy. But my friend, it is your startup, not a joke giving your idea and project to someone else hand who is an individual developer who can do anything with your project is very risky.

Because he is free + lancer that means he is free to do anything, he may sell your idea or code, and also anytime he can say “I will not work for today”, or “Delays in the project delivery”.

I know there is a rating system but there are many online platforms who are ready to give them a good rating at some xyz cost. and you will not be able to find out who is the better freelancer, capable of completing your task. If you are from India then definitely you will get a newbie or junior-level developer.

So how we can solve this problem

See, now there are many companies available to outsource your expert developer on an hourly or fixed amount basis.

They will send you an unlimited number of developers’ resumes and now you can filter out and hire them according to your requirements.

Some of the best platforms to hire remote app developers for startups in India are:

  • DubaiAppDeveloper.ae
  • Yourteaminindia
  • Micro1.ai
  • Remotebase
  • Turing

Points to be considered while hiring app developers

Once you approached the developer, here are some points that you must consider and ask them before hiring.

  • Education level
  • Expertise in Android, IOS, or Hybrid
  • Number of projects completed
  • The tech stack they often use
  • Cost of developing an app
  • Communication skills in your native language or you are comfortable with

When you filter the developer on this criteria then you will get the best developer and you will be able to build the high performance team.

Tools to manage remote developers?

Give us the tools, and we will finish the job. by Winston Churchill

Without tools, you cannot automate your business and you have to do everything manually doing a repetitive task, manually is a waste of time for an entrepreneur. You have to automate it and manage your developer regularly and get a positive outcome.

Some of the tools that we use to manage our remote developers and recommend to you also, this is not sponsored just a bit of advice because these tools are used by many top multi-national companies.

The tools are

  • Notion – For task management
  • Clickup – Project management
  • Zoom or Google meet – Video meeting
  • tl;dv – For meeting notes making
  • Hubstaff – For employee Activity tracking
  • Slack and Skype – developers communication

Why did Indian startups choose remote app developers from Dubaiappdeveloper?

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hire remote app developer for startup in india

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