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[Complete Guide] How much does it cost to hire a mobile app developer in 2024

The cost of the mobile application widely depends on several factors, I am going to explain everything in this blog step by step and examples and stories, and after that, you have to never go anywhere else. I will also cover other countries like India and UAE so that you may know where to hire will be cheaper and better. 

Do you know that the mobile app industry is expected to generate around $1,235 billion dollars by 2024?

My perception is when you are going to hire any developer to develop any mobile application don’t hire him because he is cheaper than another just on the basis of experience, technology he/she knows, previous client review, and all.

Sometimes hiring a cheap developer becomes more expensive in the future. This is my experience of the last 4+ years in the mobile app development field.

First start with the operation system of the mobile app

According to the report of  

  • 70.77% market share is covered by Android
  • 28.52% market share is covered by IOS
  • 0.37% market share is covered by Samsung
  • 0.17% market share is covered by Unknown
  • 0.1% market share is covered by KaiOS
  • 0.02%  by Windows

So we can ignore others if we focus on Android and IOS which have 99% share of the total mobile OS market that will be enough

So we will cover both in this article about the cost of Android and IOS.

According to the survey of Clutch average mobile app development cost is between $5,000 – and $10,000, and this is the cost of a simple application with normal features like login signup, home, and some listing that.

This $5k – $10k is a budget for an app developed in the discovery phase.

And the overall cost of the mobile app on average is $171,450. This I have told you so that you have a little bit of idea about the pricing in the market going on.

One more piece of data from Goodfirm which is a trusted B2B review and rating platform and basic app development cost is between $40,000 – $60,000.

Medium-size app development costs $61, 000 to $69,000 

And a feature-rich app development cost is $70,000 to $100,000

app development cost in dubai

Factors affecting the app development cost

There are many factors that affect the app development cost which is why it is very difficult to find out the exact cost of a mobile app.

But there are some major factors which affect the development cost.

  1. Developer Experience
  2. Native or Hybrid App
  3. Technology
  4. Features
  5. Industry-specific expertise
  6. Third-party integrations 
  7. Location

Overall these 8 points are the main factors affecting the development cost. Now let’s understand this one by one

Developer Experience 

Hiring an experienced mobile app developer will be highly helpful to you but that may also affect your mobile if you have a medium or small budget.

Basically, there are 3 Types of developer

  • Beginner Developer (2 – 4 years of experience)
  • Intermediate Developer (5 – 10 years of experience)
  • Senior Developer (10+ years of experience)

These 3 types of developers will have 3 different types of pricing but yes there are styles of development,  handling the complexity level, and code structure, all of these will also be different.

When you hire an experienced mobile app developer they have the capability to meet your specific business requirement, He will nicely understand your goal business requirement, and unique challenges so that he can build a customized solution that aligns with your business objective.

According to Upwork freelance app developers’ cost on their experience is 

  • Beginner Developer: $15 – $20 / hour
  • Intermediate Developer: $20 – $50 / hour
  • Senior Developer: $50+ / hour

So don’t hesitate to ask for the CV of the developer with whom you are going to work.

Native and Hybrid App

So there are 4 main types of mobile apps in the market

  • Web Application
  • Native Application
  • Hybrid Application
  • Cross-platform Application

If you don’t know about these types of the application then let me explain you in brief about them.

  1. Web application:

    These are simply web view apps that run on the browser. What a developer does, is develop a website and make it responsive, after that, he opens that website in Webview.

    There are many technologies by which you can do this One example is PWA (Progressive Web App) which is a modern web technology to provides a more app-like experience to the user, If your requirement is to not use any hard component of mobile and you budget is very small then you can go with PWA app development.

  2. Native Application:

    These are device-specific applications, Like for android we build the app in Java or Kotlin, XML. so that the application will only run on Android devices and if you want one more application that should run on IOS then you have to hire another developer who has a skill like Swift, Objective-C.

    But yes native application is faster than any other type of application whether it is a web app or a hybrid app.

    One more fact you must know is that the average cost to hire an app developer to create once IOS app is lower than developing an Android one, But yes Android app developers will take longer time than IOS app developers.

  3. Hybrid Application:

    These are also web applications but wrapped in a native container. They are most essentially built using web technologies like HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
    Some common frameworks to develop such applications are Apache, Cordova, and Ionics which help to pack the code in the native container and allow to access features like GPS and Camera. If you hire a freelance mobile app developer in Dubai or in India then you can easily get a budget-friendly developer for around $5 – $12 per hour

  4. Cross-platform Application:

    These apps are developed using a single codebase for the targeted device which after compilation converted to native code.

    There are two popular frameworks to develop the cross-platform application React Native and Flutter.

    The React Native I like the most is a next-gen component-oriented JS framework that gives native performance

    These apps are built in the JS they render a native view (no webview).

    The near-native performance is due to a component-oriented native also known as virtual DOM.

    Hiring a cross-platform freelance app developer costs around $15 – $50 per hour If I divide the hourly cost for React Native and Flutter.

    React Native Developer hourly cost will be $18 – $40 per hour

    Flutter Developer’s hourly cost will be $ 25 – $ 50 per hour

    Connect on Call


The more the technology or you can say skill the app developer will know the higher the cost he will charge.

Some additional skills like Firebase, UI/UX, Backend, DevOps, AWS, React js, Angular, etc.

Suppose a developer with only experience in Mobile app development (React Native or Flutter), and a developer with additional above skills 

Who will be the more preferable to you, Obviously the second one because he is giving more convenience to you. That’s why he will charge more.

But I will recommend you always prefer that developer who has the maximum that you require. He will always be cost-saving to you and easily manageable, otherwise hiring different developers will not be cost-efficient and it will become very difficult to hire.

technology - app development cost in dubai

How to know about the technology of mobile app developers?

Now if you want to hire any mobile app developer we can have the knowledge about the technology he knows and all.

  1. You can ask for the resume of the developer and in the resume you can see his past projects, skills we have learned, certificates he got, and many other things by the resume, you can shortlist the developer. There are many freelancing platforms where individual developers are registered seeking for some part-time and full-time jobs so you can ask their resumes and see
  2.  You can ask for the past project of the developer which should be live and ask him which technologies he has used to develop the complete application.


No. of features you will add to the app then also the cost of the mobile application will increase because every feature needs time for its implementation and that increases the cost of the application.

I am giving below the per-hour time to implement any features so that you have a better understanding.

FeatureTime to implement
Social Login15 hours
Email Login20 hours
Single Sign On60 hours
Events (i.e.: appointment booking)100 hours
Product Catalog200 hours
Vendor Portal250 hours
Map, Location, and Navigation100 hours
Form15 hours
Push Notification10 hours
Loyalty System150 hours
Streaming audio/video25 hours
Real-time messaging150 hour
Shopping Cart180 hours

So by this list, you can calculate your app development cost on your own.

Suppose you hired me as your app developer and I charge $10 / hour

Now you need a small application with social login(15 hours) and push notification(10 hours), a listing of some items(20 hours)

So the approx cost of the mobile application is 

15 + 10 + 20 = 45 hours x $10 = $450

So suggest not being very confused at the time of adding in feature, because adding a useless feature will waste your time and money, that is why understanding your target audience is very important.

Industry expert mobile app developer

Hiring an industry expert mobile app developer will be more costly than hiring a nonexpert but a senior app developer.

But it will be worth it for you.

Suppose you want to start a startup let’s start a taxi business now you have everything knowledge about the taxi business. So if you hire an app developer who has never worked on a taxi application before then he may have a problem in developing features like GPS tracking, implementing the Map, Understating the requirement, and also lack confidence.

Suppose you missed anything then the developer will give you the suggestion about that.

To select an expert-level developer you must check their past live projects, and see their client review. Ask some questions that will be industry-specific like that you will have knowledge about his expertise in a particular niche.

Where you can find industry expert mobile app developers?

  • You can check on Upwork it has a special feature of specialization that defines the particular domain of that app developer 
  • Check out the portfolio website there every developer mentions his expertise like mine you can check if my expertise is in the Taxi and Real estate industry

Hiring an industry-specific app developer may require some effort but it’s a vital investment in the success of your mobile app project. Choosing the right developer specific to your niche leads to a high-quality, user-friendly app that meets your business goal.

Third-party integration in the mobile app

Integrating any third-party service in your mobile application will also lead to a rise in your app development budget.

Some third-party services like

  1. Skyscanner API: This API is used when you want to create a travel mobile app and provide user flight information, ticket pricing, and live information from the flight agency.
  2. Booking Api:  If you want such information in your mobile app as accommodation query, about hotels, pricing and room availability 
  3. Movie database API: it will be considered great if you want to create an online streaming platform like Netflix or Amazon Prime. API provides access to the movie title, banner, IMDB rating, release date, cast, plot, and many other things
  4. Uber API: This API allows your app to book Uber taxis via your app, pay for drive-in apps, and leave reviews.

Every third-party integration has 2 phases 

  • Learning phase
  • Implementing phase

When it comes to third-party service integration it is not important that every developer knows about every service so he needs time to learn and implement those things

Because there are thousands of services every developer needs time and you have to pay for that also, like stripe payment gateway so when any developer will get a task to integrate stripe payment gateway then he will first go through the documentation, YouTube, and other resources and then he will integrate and deliver.

He will charge for both phases, it is all about how fast a developer learns new things if he is an experienced developer then he will take less time otherwise, he will take a little longer time.

The time will depend on 

  • Service complexity
  • Customization
  • Experience of the mobile app developer I told you before
  • Documentation and Support

All these above points give you the final cost of the API integration.


Location of the mobile app developer

Location is also the play a major reason that decides the app development cost of any mobile application. Because when you go from country to country every developer’s standard of living, and cost of living changes also the availability of labor in that country.

Let me give you a small difference between the app developers in the USA and India

In the USA 

  • Junior App developer: $30 per hour
  • Senior App developer: is $90 per hour

In India

  • Junior App developer:  $10 per hour
  • Senior App developer: $50 per hour

As you can see there is a good difference, USA developers charge almost double the price of Indian developers.


    1. Labor cost :

      The cost of living and labor in the USA is quite higher than in India. So developers in the U.S. demand higher salaries and benefits to cover their living expenses, which tends to higher development costs.

    2. Market Demand:

      The demand for an app developer in the USA is substantial but there is a lack of supplies due to which developers developer charge premium rates due to market dynamics.

    3. Intellectual Property Protection:

      US companies and clients often spend a good amount of money on data security and intellectual property protection, which leads to increased costs associated with legal and security measures.

      app development cost in dubai

      Cultural Compatibility:

      Some clients often find it easier to work with developers who share a common language and culture.

      If you think Indian developers are cheap because they have less knowledge and skillset, and their quality of work is also low then let me tell you that around 42% of USA companies outsource their project to Indian developers.

      Around 27% of the developers in Google are from India

      So Indian developer is cheap because their cost of living is lower than in the USA   

      But at last, like I always say you must first see that does the developer can fulfill your requirement or not then the pricing should come. If you see that your project is a little bit complex then try to find an experienced app developer or industry expert app developer. 

      And try to find developer from countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh because these is the favorite country of the US, UK, and Dubai companies to hire a great developer who can fulfill their requirements

E-commerce mobile app development costs

E-commerce apps become a primary goal for every business due to the easy buying experience.  Customers should easily buy the product, do product searches, compare products, add to the cart, pay securely, and monitor the buying behavior of the customer.

You can add features like coupons giving, and Refer&Earn to increase the number of sales.

ecommerce app development cost

There are mainly 3 ranges of e-commerce mobile apps developed

    1. Simple basic e-commerce mobile app

      It is a simple e-commerce app with basic product listing adds to cart, and payment gateway integration, It will cost you around $1000 – $10,000

    2. Moderate e-commerce mobile app:

      It is a medium-level mobile application with some basic features like user account management, product recommendation, push notification, and social media integration, Such types of applications range between $10,000 – $80,000

    3. Complex e-commerce mobile app:

      It has more advanced features such as inventory management, multi-language support, refer and earn, apply the coupon, multi-vendor support, and integration with other ERP and CRM solutions, Such type of application will cost you between $80,000 – $1,20,000

      So we know the cost of all the range of e-commerce applications.

      To reduce the cost of the e-commerce application

      Choose the open-source template:
      If you want to start with some basic features then you can get the e-commerce template from GitHub. Using the template your developer will not need to develop the application from scratch he will just a normal modification according to your requirements and deliver it to you 

One thing must keep in mind is that please try to get a popular e-commerce open-source project so that there is a zero chance of getting bugs and your developer will able to deliver it to you.

  • Simple app design:
    Mostly in the e-commerce application prices increase due to the number of screens and complex designs, for a good customer experience we always show creative designs in the app, But if you have a tight budget then try to put a simple UI so that and easy navigation.
  • Go with the hybrid app development:
    Developing an e-commerce app may used by both types of users Android or IOS, So try to develop the application for both platforms for which you can use the platform app development framework
    React Native or Flutter, you will be able to get a fast, native-like performance app.
  • Go with some basic features:
    Limiting your app features is another way to cut down the app development cost, By just adding the essential functionality and features of the app, you can significantly reduce the development cost.

Taxi mobile app development costs: 

So, if you are going to develop any taxi booking application, let’s understand in brief the overall cost of taxi app development, and by this, you will be able to understand how to calculate the cost.

For the complete taxi booking app there are 2 apps and 1 admin panel 

  1. User app
  2. Driver app
  3. Admin panel for admin
  4. Support panel (Optional or this can be integrated into the admin panel)

Features in the User App

FeatureTime taken
Authentication (Login/signup)70 hours
GPS Tracking and map integration100 hours
Ride booking engine180 hours
Payment gateway70 hours
Account management120 hours
Testing25% of the total time


Features in the Driver app

FeaturesTime Taken
GPS Tracking and Map integration100 hours
Account management120 hours
Booking management system80 hours
Automated fare calculation140 hours
In-app call and chat with customer120 hours
Testing25% of the total time

Features in the Admin Panel

FeaturesTime Taken
View and Manager driver50 hours
View Trip route120 hours
Manage discounts and offer20 hours
Track cabs140 hours
View/manage review and driver feedback40 hours
Report and analytics120 hours
Testing25% of the total time


Now let’s calculate the final price of the taxi booking complete solution

Let’s say you hired a developer at $15 per hour

Mobile app: 70 + 100 + 180 + 70 + 120 = 432 + 25% of 432  = 432 + 108 = 540 hours

The final cost of the taxi application will be 540 x 15 = $8100

Driver app: 100 + 120 + 80 + 140 + 120 = 560 + 25% of 560 = 560 + 140 = 700 hours

Final cost of the driver application: 700 x 15 = $10,500

Admin panel: 50 + 120 + 20+ 140+ 40+ 120 = 490 + 25% of 490 = 490 +122 = 612 hours

The final cost of the admin panel: 612 x 15 = $ 9,180

So the total cost of the complete solution will be: $8100 +  $10,500 + $9180 = $27,780

So this will be the average cost of a taxi booking application with all the basic features.

technology used in taxi booking app

Technology we can use to develop taxi apps

For payment, we can use Stripe, PayPal, and

For hybrid cloud modal Terraform

For distributed storage and analytics for complex data, you can use Hadoop

For the web frontend, you can use Javascript

For Mobile Applications: React Native or Flutter

Programming language: Go, Java, Node js, Python

For webserver: Express Js

For Frontend web server: NGINX

Libraries and framework: React + Flux, D3, and Mapbox

members required for taxi app development

Team Members required for Taxi app development

Mobile app developer:  to develop the front of the mobile application and integrate the APIs to make the functionality work

Project Manager: He will be the one who will manage the whole team and send you the daily, and weekly reports of the progress, 

Backend developer: he will prepare the fully integrated and robust backend properties

UX/UI designer: to design the prototype of the look of the app and give it a personal touch so that it becomes smoother and more engaging for the users

QA expert / Tester: who will test the app and check if all the functionality should work well.


Property rental app development costs:

Let’s take more cases if you want to develop any real estate rental application then how you can calculate the cost of this application 

Property rental app is a marketplace-type application that lets the seller and buyer register on it, and the seller who want to sell their property can put the details about there house, with the pictures of the property, details of its price.

Meanwhile, the buyers can look for the property once it is verified and listed in the app. He can access important information and the location of the properties which are on sale.

Features you can integrate into your property rental app:

  1. Social Login and SignUp: For lead management, every application needs a registered process, so that you can divide the customer by their location, cost, interest, and requirement.
  2. Behavior Tracking: When the user sets parameters and filters for his search, which shows the interest and need of that person to the app owner.
  3. Push Notification: This is basically used for making a relationship with your user, so that you may remain in their subconscious mind.
    It helps the users stay loyal and updated with the latest properties listed on the app.
  4. AR/VR Property View: The user can have a virtual visit to the site location
  5. Multiple Listing ServiceThis is for showing the various lists of properties listed in different categories.
  6. IDX(Internet Data Exchange): This feature is basically for brokers and property owners who can put the link on their website.
  7. RETS System (Real Estate Transaction Standard): It helps streamline the data in the mobile app
  8. Geolocation Tracking: This feature is to get the location of the property listed in the app.
  9. Map View: It is a must-have feature in all real estate apps, as it helps new people in the city to navigate through the property virtually
  10.  Mortgages EMI Calculator: This will help the user of the app to calculate the EMI that have to pay again the loan on the property, By this tool gives a rough idea about the monthly and annual pay
  11. LMS Module: It is a feature that send information about the user who is searching for the property in the application modules decide that is the user is serious about buying the property or not then that lead reflect in the admin panel of the admin
  12. Role-based dashboard: This dashboard is quite easy and very helpful to manage it as given all information about the application 
  13. Loyalty Program: It is very good have such feature in the application as it have keep your customer always connected to you and next they definitely deals with you or refer you.

See a property rental app with some minimal features costs around $10,000 and if you want to develop a fully functional mobile application with all the above features then it will cost you around $25,000 – $30,000 depending on the above factors which we have discussed above.


White-label app development costs

Developing a white-labeled app is much cheaper than developing a custom mobile application.

The white-labeled app which I have developed with my team is a lottery application I am giving an example of this because it is the latest white-label app that we have developed recently,

So we sell this application for just $180 whereas developing a custom application like this will cost you around $750

So now you can see the difference the custom price is around 4 times more costly than the white label. That is why most people develop white-label applications whose many features of the app is almost simpler than the apps already running in the market

Suppose you need a ride-sharing app then it will be okay if you buy an Uber clone application and customize it with a theme, logo, and a little bit some design and that’s it your app is developed in no time and lesser cost.

Can we customize the white-labeled app?

Yes, of course, you can fully customize the application except for the main feature, 

suppose you need an Uber clone application and you to a c app development company or freelancer like and ask them to show you our clone application which we have developed now in that application drawer open from the right but you want the drawer should be open from the left then it will be a structural change for which you have to pay a little bit high

Or suppose you want to change the complete booking system then also you have to pay a good amount of cost

See no other company will tell you this but a white-label application is customizable up to 60% – 65% only.

But yes, developing a white-labeled application, is good I have already told you what conditions.

Now then me tell you the average pricing of the white-label app development cost 

White label appDevelopment cost
Uber clone application$15,000
Tinder line dating app$80,000
Careem taxi booking app$25,000
TikTok clone app$30,000
Instacart clone app$10,000

So here are some of the famous white-label application that most people wants to develop and their development cost.


Let me give you one bonus point on how to develop a food delivery application here is the open source code of the application.

If you don’t know how to set up this food delivery app then hire a React native freelancer and he will setup for you and deploy it to the server if you need any customization then he will do that also for you 

And Hurrey!

Your food delivery application is ready 

And it will cost you a total, of around $5,000 maximum

If you want to hire me for such type of service I will be glad to work with you, I already have some white-labeled applications developed in-house and fully customizable.

How much does it cost to hire freelance app developers?

Like all above, I have mentioned that just hire a freelance app developed and he will do this and that for you

He will setup an open-source white app for you

Now let’s understand why we should hire a freelance app developer and how much it costs to hire them 

Firstly Why?

Hiring a freelancer will be highly beneficial for you unless and until while hiring you don’t forget the point that needs to be considered before hiring a developer.

Top 5 reasons why you should hire a freelance app developer 

  1. Cost Effective:
    This is one of the major reasons why everybody looks through the freelancer instead of looking for a full-fledged company
    That is why everybody is going to Upwork Fiverr and from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines are getting are maximum number of clients
  2. Freelance app developers offer a high degree of flexibility regarding scheduling and project scope.
  3. Personalized Experience: When we hire a freelance app developer allows us to stay connected with the developer directly, This leads to a collaborative development process, and we know about your requirements directly.
  4. Specialized Expertise: Freelance app developers are always specialized in one particular field. Like, react native developer is one who is very specialized in React native frameworks.
  5. Greater control over development: Directly controlling freelancers gives you access to a direct deal with the developer and provides him feedback and makes real-time changes, allowing for an agile approach to the development.


Secondly How much?

Now it is time to how much does it costs to hire an app freelance app developer

I know I have already explained to you about the factors affecting the app development cost in the above section the same factors affect hiring a freelancer app developer also.

Whether you are hiring from Upwork, Fiverr,, or any other marketplace platform or anybody you are approaching directly he will charge you according to the location, technology, skillset, experience, and all

Giving you the chart of the different freelance mobile app developer and the per hour cost 


app development cost in different locations

From where you can hire a freelancer

Freelance marketplace: 

These marketplaces are known for hiring a cheap developer in no time, every developer listed here with his skill set and past projects with a price tag. You can sort them by their badges like diamond, gold, and silver badges

These freelancers are good for small projects

Some popular freelance marketplaces are Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer.

Remote Job Board: I have not said job board I said remote job board there are many companies that provide remote developers these developers are individual developers who work remotely with you and have one-to-one communication

Some examples of remote job boards: are Mayankalservices, Upler, Remotebase 

Developer Community: This community gives access to specialized developers and have ability to review past work and their contribution

Some examples of developer community sites are: Github, Stackoverflow,

Social Media: Here you can post your project requirements and here either freelancers will reach out to you or you can reach out to their profile review testimonials, portfolio, and skillset.

Some examples of social media platforms to get a dedicated freelance mobile app developer: are LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Freelance mobile app developers in Dubai

I am writing a blog on hiring a mobile app developer and I do not cover Dubai in this article, how it could be possible. If you are reading this blog I am 70% sure that either you are from Dubai, UAE, or India. 

Because these 2 countries are my target market.

Mobile apps are the most adapted marketing method adopted by the organizations of UAE.

Talking about the hiring of an app developer in Dubai. I must say there are many app developers in Dubai, IT sector is growing in Dubai.

App development cost in india

Best freelance app developer in Dubai, UAE

You can also consider me for your upcoming project related to app development.

I have more than 4+ years of experience in mobile app development specifically in React Native and Flutter. Helped more than 100+ small startups. I want to expand my services to UAE to make more successful stories.

I can say that I will help you out with my expertise in mobile app development in a very minimal cost like $10 per hour

I also have a team of 6 members who can help you in different services like UI/UX designing, Web application development (React Js and Next Js, Angular Js), Backend Development, DevOps, AWS.

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App developer cost in Dubai

According to Upwork the average per-hour charge of a developer is $40 per hours

So if we take a basic or medium-sized application whose total development time is around 1000 hours then the total cost of development is $40,000 and you will convert this in AED.

What is the salary of a mobile app developer in Dubai 

According to Glassdoor an average mobile app developer’s salary is AED 9,501 per month in Dubai UAE. 

In this different tech stack and different experienced developers have different salaries IOS app developers have AED 4,750, Android App developers have AED 7,000. 

Like this the number of the tech stack the developer will know the more he will get salary

Where we can find developers in Dubai

See there are many ways to hire a developer basically, I am going to give you 3 ways to develop an app.

  1. Network: Check in your network and tell your people about this that you need a mobile app developer to develop your project and like that from one person to another your message will expand and if there is anyone you can do it for you then go for it
  2. Google/Bing: Go to a search engine like google and bing which very popular in Dubai, search there with keywords like best app developer, freelancer app developer, developer near me like that and you will get a large number of mobile app developers like and their website, go there and see the skillset, profile, past client review is must and after do that all make a final list and select the developers according to your need.
  3. Freelancing platform:  At last if your budget is tight and if you don’t want to do above 2 points then this is a very easy method to get a developer.
    You just have to post your requirements, and that’s all. 

Freelancers who will be listed on the platform will send you the proposal, you will see their profile, client reviews, ratings, and all. And hire them 

Connect on Call

About the freelancing platform, I have already explained above

App development cost in India

Hiring an app developer from India is economical without compromising the quality of code quality, skilled resources, and on-time delivery.

An average app mobile app developer’s hourly rate in India is $12 – $50, so the average cost of developing any mobile application in India varies from $15,000 to $1,00,000. However as I have already told you nobody can tell you the exact pricing it all depends upon the app’s complexity, app architecture, project size, number of screens, and the technology used, 

Let’s take some examples of the mobile apps and their development cost and cost


Mobile appPrice of appDevelopment Time
On-demand service app$20,000 – $70,00060 – 350 days
Marketplace type app$20,000 – $80,00090 – 300 days
Cab booking app$15,000 – $45,00060 – 180 days
Fintech app$18,000 – $45,00060 – 180 days
Social media app$20,000 – $50,00060 – 180 days
Tourism app$10,000 – $55,00060 – 200 days


Cost of hiring app developer resources

For the app development cost and considering the budget of any app project, the cost of hiring a remote developers resource is the best decision.

That is why Indian app developers work remotely from India due to the low hourly rate charged by Indians as compared to the USA, UK, and Canada. It kills the competition in the global IT market.

In the entire America and Europe, the salary of developers is ten times higher than that of Indian developers, and when we compare the mindset, skillset, and experience there is zero difference.

Cost Of Maintenance 

Maintenance cost is a post-development cost, it is not necessary but important because we know that technology is changing day by day with new hacks people develop to unlock the important paid features of the apps. To tackle that developers have to update the app’s dependencies and security code.

If any server bug comes into the app then there must be someone who fix it on an urgent basis if you are developing an enterprise-level mobile app then you must have a developer for maintenance purpose so that your app should run smoothly.

There is another maintenance cost like servers such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, There are also some third-party services that you have integrated whose bill is generated monthly.


Mobile app development cost estimate in India

If you reading this article from starting then I think you must have some basic idea of the development cost of an app if we are developing it from India, or what will be the cost of hiring an app developer from India.

But then also let me give you a fixed rate for hiring an Indian app developer almost 80% of the Indian company or developer will charge from you. 

According to GitHub, there are around 2.6 million app developers in India and the majority of app developers are between the age of 27 – 34 

Now why i am giving you this fact?

The developers of this age have different lifestyles in India

They have to see their family, the children, and household expenses and every developer will cost you according to his expense,  right?

Maybe you have seen if you hire the youngest developer, he will charge you very very low although he is very expert in his work. Because he does not have many expenses.

According to the numbeo an average Indian lifestyle cost is $1275 without rent and if he is living on rent then you can add around $300 – $500 then the total will be $1500 – $1700.

So if you hire an Indian app developer then obviously he will ask you around $2000 per month

Or you can say $12 / hour this cost is if you hire an individual app developer or freelancer

If you hire any agency then they have other services like training developers and managing them so they will charge you around $25 – $40 per hour.

According to the Times of India, an average app development cost is $10,000 – $50,000.


How to hire a budget-friendly mobile app developer

If you have a limited budget and you have a limited budget then I strongly recommend you hire an individual app developer like a freelancer

Although hiring a freelancer has some pros and cons, Yes you have budget-friendly work, you can find them on the freelancing platform.

Let’s discuss first the pros and cons of hiring a freelance app developer

You will get a specialized developer according to the project’s expertiseOnline Payment Security
100% effort to give a quality productLack of reliability
Cost reductionIdea protection
Greater Time SavingRick of code reselling
AvailabilityRisk of shadow development


If you do not understand the risk of shadow development, I meant that there are many developers who will deal with you show there development skills and experience but when the time comes to development then that developer does not work any other junior developer work under his shadow that means they are charging you for 7-year experience developer but any 2-3 year experience developer is working under that 7-year experience shadow

So why you should choose Dubaiappdeveloper and how we solve this problem?

See I am a developer and I have 10 members on the team who do the development, designing, and DevOps all the thing.

If you hire any developer from us then he will be connected with you within a contract. He will work under you on a monthly salary basis same as he is working as your own developer but remotely. 

I will be there to give you each and every report. 

Suppose you hire a developer on a monthly salary of $5,000 

he will work 8 hours, and 5 days a week only for you, any time you want him to connect on a call he will be available, anytime you message him, he will be available.

So there is 100% guaranteed transparency between you and the developer.

Conclusion of the cost of hiring an app developer

To sum up, hiring a quality developer is important for your project, but it is not a simple job. There are several ways and methods which you must follow to choose the finest applicant for your project. Before that, you must have a clear idea about your requirements, and technologies.

Whether you want to hire a freelancer or outsource the project to any development firm.

Just like MVP a perfect mobile application is very important for company success. And that is why you must take care of the mobile app and your customer who is using the app. Because, if the app is participating in the growth of your company and revenue then no matter how much it costs to hire an app developer.

Suppose you are able to earn $100k from the application then what is the problem with giving $20k to the app development team? It is a lot better than hiring a cheap developer who developed the app with 100’s of bugs and your customer is not using it.

As I have already said hiring a mobile app developer and developing a dynamic app is a very difficult process you must go with some expertise. 

So you must go with the team that has a creative UI/UX designer, manual tester, modern technology stack developers, and the team who can do maintenance of the app after the application deployment.

Modern businesses depend heavily on mobile applications and a well-designed app and smooth working can give the company a considerable competitive advantage. Your company can grow income, engage the clients better, can increase your brand value in front of the customer.

Some industries that highly need a mobile application for their business are e-commerce, taxi business, real estate, restaurants and cloud kitchens, education, social media, ticket booking, finance, entertainment, and many more.

If you are from the above industries then you must have your own branded app otherwise your competitor will crush you and move forward. Having a mobile app will make you come closer to your customer, and stay connected with the customer by sending him more deals and offers through push notifications and all.


Why choose Dubaiappdeveloper for your app development?

Dubaiappdeveloper is a team of highly qualified mobile app developers, UI/UX designers, web developers, testers, and backend developers. Our core expertise is React Native and Flutter which is basically used for native-like cross-platform app development. 

We have worked with more than 100+ startups like Dreamcashgames, Recall, Kolkata FF, Dreamlotto, and many more. We not only offer the service but also we offer quality.

Quality in the sense of well-structured code, documentation development, and scalability in the development team means you can any time increase or decrease the number of members in the development team, weekly and monthly reviews, and one-time payment in the month after that no disturbance between. 

Our mainly focused core technologies are React JS, React Native / Flutter, Node JS, MongoDB, MYSQL, and Express JS


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