ecommerce mobile app development cost

Ecommerce Mobile App Development Cost [Complete Guide]

Many online and offline businesses have invested in eCommerce mobile app development due to the need for mobile shopping for fashion, home furnishings, and other products. Forbes found that 91% of smartphone users buy online. This is how ecommerce giants like Amazon, Shien, and Noon gained global market share and kept people using their apps for online purchasing. Since ecommerce app development is essential for digital business survival, businesses usually worry about “ecommerce mobile app development cost in UAE.”

Often overlooked in early app project planning, eCommerce app cost is key to eShop application success. Therefore, before starting app development, you must consider cost-influencing aspects to ensure proper project delivery.

This blog will determine the cost of developing an eCommerce app and the main aspects affecting it.

What are Ecommerce Apps?

Ecommerce mobile applications swiftly supplant traditional ecommerce websites, marking a technological revolution.

ecommerce mobile app development cost

To put it simply, an ecommerce app is a software application tailored for mobile and tablet devices. Essentially, it fulfills the same functions as an ecommerce website but with heightened efficiency and user-friendliness.

The pivotal demand for an app lies in its user-friendliness. A user-friendly interface, rapid loading, secure checkout, and immediate access from the device’s home screen are among the factors that make mobile apps the preferred choice for shoppers.

Understanding the Ecommerce Market Statistics and Its Scope

The idea of an all-inclusive online mall has become more and more commonplace in recent years as a result of the proliferation of digital marketplaces. Because of this, you must be concerned about the reasons why developing an eCommerce app at this time is appropriate before you hire an ecommerce app developer in Dubai.

58.4% of internet users make a weekly online purchase.

Online retail sales reached $4.9 trillion globally in 2017, and over 50% growth is predicted over the next four years, according to the market survey report.

In short, the market for eCommerce is expanding quickly. The industry has many players, but there is still room for many startups. All you have to do to give your business a competitive edge is hire an ecommerce app development company. Additionally, make sure you add something original to your app rather than simply copying the clone app of your competitors.

Factors that Affect the Ecommerce App Development Cost

No direct formula provides you with the exact cost of app development, but many factors should be considered when undergoing app development. Below are a few factors you should check to minimize e commerce website and app costs in India and the UAE.

ecommerce mobile app development cost

Application complexity and scope

What features should your mobile e-commerce app have?

The more unique features you demand, the higher the development cost because unique features require third-party integration, permissions, the creation of new custom codes, and a lot of research.

Thus, it’s better first to analyze the market and decide which features are essential and which can be added later in the form of updates.

Some ecommerce apps need features like

  • Individual user login profiles
  • A product catalog
  • Proceed to checkout
  • Product Browsing
  • Checkout Process
  • Checkout Process
  • Gateway payments, etc.

E-commerce app developers in India can suggest features based on your business needs. Modern features like a scanner and AI/ML can make shopping more fun.

Platform of App to be Available

Developing apps for native platforms is too expensive because Android apps require developers to build exclusively in Java or Kotlin. Developing iOS apps requires Swift and Objective C developers. This raises resource needs.

Wouldn’t it be smarter to understand your target consumers before finding an ecommerce app developer in Dubai?

Researching will lower the cost of building an e-commerce app. Developing apps for both platforms may increase your price. Find out who your app targets. Choose the app type based on your target audience’s smartphone preferences.

Third-party APIs/Integration

The cost of creating an app can rise even by adding minor features. Therefore, integrating third-party APIs would be sensible because you’d gain the necessary functionalities. Feature development can occasionally be more expensive than feature integration. Numerous businesses will promise to create each element of your application for you.

However, it normally costs much more to create a new feature from scratch than to use an API from a third party. It is not always required to develop every feature. Make a list of the features you believe are essential, and then ask the company if there are any integration options with third parties.

Maintenance of the App

After launching your app, you must maintain it with regular updates and technicalities. Apps, unlike actual objects, are hard to detect problems. This makes solving the problem even more difficult because only a technical person can help. Therefore, you should contact an app development business for help.

Customization and Design Requirements

E-commerce app development requires design. Create an excellent user experience and interface (UI/UX) to amaze your audience. Your audience’s impression of your website depends on its design.

Additionally, ecommerce app developer in Dubai compete fiercely.

A decent design functionalities with huge costs a lot; thus, one shouldn’t make decisions quickly without analysis. One shouldn’t compromise on application design quality if one wishes to succeed.

If your target audience and business do not require or want minimal customizations, then you can choose a readymade ecommerce app in India. This will decrease your cost of owning an app.

Choose an experienced e commerce app developer in India to know which option is best for your market and business. You can make wise decisions with their market knowledge, experience, and understanding.

The Location of the Development Partner

Where you develop your e-commerce app is one of the biggest factors determining ecommerce mobile app development cost in UAE.

Many countries’ development costs differ. Before selecting an app development company, discover which would make the most difference for your business.

Cheap labor is one reason some countries can lower e-commerce app development costs. The e-commerce app development cost in India is comparatively less than that of the ecommerce app developer in Dubai.

Development Process

There are two steps to establishing an e-commerce app or any development process.

  • Mobile app development from scratch
  • App cloning

If the developer builds the program from scratch, they build everything. After planning, the developer develops your e-commerce app idea.

However, clone app development involves building an exact copy of the existing app that appears the same. If you enjoy an app, the clone development company can reproduce it exactly.

It might be hard to grasp the e-commerce app development process, whether you’re technical or not. Therefore, analyzing and understanding all of these elements will take time. Using clone development will save you money.

Payment Gateway Integration

Choose a payment gateway integration that meets your business needs.

  1. Hosting payment gateways transfers customers to a secure payment page hosted by the provider rather than an external website. This page lets you submit payment information and continue.
  2. E-commerce apps employ the inbuilt payment gateway to let customers check out using their payment details. The payment gateway receives all payment information securely to complete the payment.
  3. A mobile wallet will enable customers to purchase from Apple Pay or Google Pay.
  4. An API integration connects the ecommerce app to the payment gateway by facilitating communication. Users have a smooth app payment experience.
  5. Alipay in China and iDEAL in the Netherlands may require local payment methods.
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Ecommerce App Development Cost

E-commerce app development costs depend on complexity and resources. Apps for mobile e-commerce can cost $10,000 to $500,000.

Here are some rough estimates based on app complexity:

  • Basic ecommerce app: $10,000–$50,000
  • Mid-range ecommerce app: $50,000–$150,000
  • Complex ecommerce app: $150,000-$500,000+

The project requirements may affect the cost of these initial estimations. Getting a detailed cost estimate from a development team before starting development is smart.

Features to include in an ecommerce app

The ecommerce app development solution contains basic capabilities and advanced features that allow businesses to sell and earn at scale. The essential elements of your application are a must-have to make the users easily purchase from a mobile app.

Basic Features

  • Account Registration
  • Multiple payment options
  • Social sign-in
  • Push notifications
  • Multi-currency payment options
  • Featured goods
  • Wishlist button
  • Ratings and reviews

Advanced features

Apart from the basic functions, entrepreneurs should consider integrating some advanced features to ensure their app stands out.

Recommendation engine

Amazon, the world’s most popular ecommerce app, has a big reason for its popularity. It is because it has a great product recommendation system. The recommendation and suggestion system of Amazon helped the company raise its sales by 29%, and today, Amazon has integrated recommendations into practically every element of the purchase process.

The recommendation algorithms help apps offer that personal touch, which in turn helps to enhance user engagement. The algorithms also bring up new cross-selling opportunities, eventually pushing the bottom line. The program might provide recommendations on the home screen, product pages, and shopping carts. The app can also send tailored emails to customers who have grown certain things.

AR in ecommerce

Ikea-Place-App Augmented Reality is a technology slack that has greatly influenced many industries, and ecommerce is no exception. Global furniture company IKEA incorporates AR in its ecommerce channels. IKEA Place is among the first iOS apps to exploit Apple’s ARKit technology. The app lets buyers view 3D renderings of more than 2000 products from IKEA’s collection. Customers may envision how the furniture would look in the place in which they choose to put the furniture.

ecommerce mobile app development cost

Voice search function

Voice-controlled gadgets like Amazon Alexa & Google Home have propelled ecommerce growth. A survey states that 2/5 customers reported a product purchase through the voice search capability. Voice search assistance is already in major ecommerce sites. Flipkart, Indian’s top Ecommerce app, launched a multilingual voice assistant in their app, which allows customers to chat to the app and place a purchase.

AI Chatbots

ecommerce mobile app development cost

An AI Chatbot can assist an ecommerce business in improving profits at a comparatively modest additional expense. An AI-enabled Chatbot system can help a customer find a product on the ecommerce platform.

Detailed Breakdown of e-commerce App Development Cost

Ecommerce App Development Cost Summary

Impacting FactorEstimated Development Cost
App Design Cost$1000 – $15,000
App Development Cost$15,000- $100,000
Payment Gateway and API Integration Cost$1000- $10,000
App Maintenance Cost$2500-$15,000+annual charges

Ecommerce App Development Cost based on Location

Impacting FactorsUSAUKIndiaUAE
App Design Cost$1,500 – $10,000+£1,000 – £7,000+$500 – $5,000+AED 5,500 – AED 20,000+
App Development Cost$10,000 – $50,000+£10,000 – £50,000+$5,000 – $25,000+AED 55,000 – AED 250,000+
Payment Gateway and API Integration Cost$500 – $5,000+£250 – £2,000+$100 – $1,000+AED 2,000 – AED 10,000+
App Maintenance Cost$2,500 – $10,000+ annual charges£2,000 – £7,000+ annual charges$1,000 – $5,000+ annual chargesAED 10,000 – AED 50,000+ annual charges

The End Note

A great opportunity to invest in mobile app development and grow their business is currently presented by the booming e-commerce sector, which benefits both new and established businesses. Working with an established mobile app development company with a track record of providing effective e-commerce solutions is essential if you want to ensure the success of your app development project. Modern technologies should be able to be included by them to improve user experiences and performance.

Let DubaiAppDeveloper be your partner in success.

Being among the top ecommerce app development company in Dubai, we understand how apps impact your business and future goals. Thus, we ensure your requirements are fulfilled while keeping them up-to-date with the market trends.

Let our ecommerce app developer in Dubai help you utilize the benefits of ecommerce apps. Reach us today and get your app developed within your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which platform should be considered when developing and launching an ecommerce app?

Previously, businesses might have developed platform-specific apps. Most businesses today produce apps for iOS and Android since they have large market shares.

Does it take a long time to develop an ecommerce app?

Custom e-commerce app development takes 3–12 months. Depending on complexity, ready-made software takes a week to three months

Do eCommerce mobile apps pose security risks?

Always consider integrity, secrecy, and availability. As a business owner, you need a secure site transaction approach. Use data encryption for each transaction to prevent hackers.

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