Best freelance mobile app developers in sharjah uae

Best Freelance React Native Developer in Sharjah UAE

Demand of mobile applications is growing day by day, that is why small and medium-sized businesses are looking for freelance react native developer in sharjah uae who can develop an quality and scalable application for there business. Many companies like e-commerce, laundry, travel and transportation, real estate and cafes and coffee shop .

According to Aaconsultancy Sharjah is not far from Dubai, just a 20-minute drive, and you can easily get there using public transportation. Sharjah has its own international airport and three seaports. It’s also where a significant part of the manufacturing in the United Arab Emirates takes place.

Today we have more than 100 client for whom we have developed React native applications. Our clients are not just customer for us, we try to make a strong bond between between us. While developing a mobile application our developers keep 3 things in his mind always.

    • Quality of code
      The structure and code quality is the thing that we never compromise, we know that it is nothing mean to the end customer but we do this so that when next developer start working on the same project then he may not have any problem.
    • Smoothness of the application
      We even make sure that when the end user click on the button then he may not have any problem means every button, every screen should open without any problem.
    • Lightweight mobile app
      Our developers try to make the app lightweight they do not install packages and packages for just small features whereas they try to make it custom by there own. Because if the application will have less external package it will be more light weight and run smoother.

    Our process of react native app development

    Here is our standard app development process which make use the best react native developer in sharjah uae, and client be always happy with our work.

    Requirement gathering

    Firstly we start with a detailed meeting with our client where we try to understand his requirement, what is the purpose of developing this application, what is his end goal to develop the application. Flow of he app. We discuss everything about the project even about the tools and technology we will use and what are the things required from the client side.

    Developers Shortlisting

    Here we send the list of developers who is best suited for his project. Suppose client need a taxi app developed in react native so we add that developer at first who have done some travel and transport related project in react native. Like that we send 5 – 6 best suitable developer for this project

    From that list client select 1-2 developer according to his need 

    So these to developers are assigned to him.

    UI/UX designing

    From the experience of last 4 year we come to know that user experience and attractive design is very important for a mobile app. If user do not like the design or not able to understand the app then he will immediately switch to the another app.

    Best freelance mobile app developers in sharjah uae

    App development

    Now  the final app development part begin here developer will write the code, integrate the api’s and third party services, business logics. The project manager will give you daily updates and weekly updates also. And you can also have direct meeting with developers.

    Quality Assurance

    You can also also hire tester according to your need, Part time or full time best suited you. These testers are well trained to make sure then app should run according to the need and 95% bugs should find before going to the production.

    Support and maintenance

    Work on mobile application never ends developer needs continuously provide update the apps and bugs fixes so that the app should run smoother without any crash.  And most importantly we provide support after development wherever you need.


    Technologies with react native

    node js
    hire redux developer
    hire mysql developer

    Our projects in react native technology

    Socialee – Video Ecommerce Platform

    4 Side TV – Video Streaming Platform

    react native app developer in dubai

    SafelogX – Logistics Management Application

    taxi app development

    RideME – No. 1 Taxi Services of Chandigarh

    dreamlotto lottery app

    DreamLotto – Online Lottery Application

    Dreamcash color fantasy App

    DreamCashGame – Best Color Fantasy App

    End Note

    Dubaiappdeveloper is the finest react native developer in sharjah uae. We believe that our success belongs to our client happiness. If the client even don’t know anything about technology but wanted to take his business digitally then we will become his technology partner. 

    From last 2 year we have become the fastest growing mobile app developer in dubai, and india due to the same belief  system,.

    If you also want to become part of dubaiappdeveloper then you can contact me here :

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