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Cost of hiring remote mobile app developer in India [2024]

If you are here that means you have an idea in your mind and looking for a remote mobile app developer in India, Whether you are a small business or startup who wants to build a remote team. Well, you are at the right place, in this article I will explain the cost of building a remote team and how you can hire them.

Well, hiring a remote team is very popular these days because you don’t need to be a registered company, no need for an office or any extra expenses also hiring a remote developer on a salary basis is cheaper them hiring an in-house developer.

Different models of Hiring Remote Mobile App developer in India

A growing number of businesses, both large enterprises and start-ups alike, are increasingly turning to India as their top choice for mobile development offshoring. The key factors fueling this trend of hiring offshore mobile app developers from India are rooted in a compelling economic value proposition, such as:

  • Uncomparable Quality
  • Exceptional Cost Saving
  • Fast market approach
  • A pool of large talent

There are different models of hiring a developer in the market these are divided into 2 categories

remote mobile app developer in india

1) Hiring on a monthly salary basis

The monthly rate model for hiring a remote mobile app developer is a setup where you agree on a fixed monthly payment for the services of a developer. In this model developers will function as if they were your own remote employees, committing all their working hours to your project only.

This model ensures stability and predictability in terms of costs, making it easier for businesses to budget and plan for their development needs.

It also ensures that the hired mobile app developers are fully dedicated to your project during the agreed-upon timeframe, fostering a sense of commitment and accountability in the remote work relationship.

Here client knows that he has to pay this much amount monthly and the developer will work only on his project for a month.

Long term established remote teamExpensive if you do not have that many tasks for a month
Any glitch or bug will resolved immediatlyNo flexibility in changing the requirement of the deadline
More scope of negotiationExpensive if you do not have that many tasks for a month
You can train resource as per your requirement 

2) Hiring on an hourly basis

The hourly rate remote app developer hiring model involves businesses hiring and compensating software engineers based on the hours they dedicate to project development. Here bill is generated according to the development time the developer has given on your project.

This approach is best suited for dynamic software products or solutions that require frequent iterations and updates and do not have a proper timeline.

This model allows for efficient allocation of resources and is well-suited for projects where the workload may vary or when specific expertise is needed only for certain phases.

This provides a performance-driven payment structure aligning cost with the actual effort the developer put into the project which makes it a practical choice for business for evolving an dynamic business needs.

Provide transparency in the workPay on the work of the developer
Allow to use the resources wislyWithout planning project budget may increase
Pay on the work of developer 
remote app developer in india

Cost of Hiring a Remote App Developer in India

Now let’s get back to our current topic the cost of hiring a remote developer, now if you understand the above context then you will understand this thing very well.

The hiring cost of a mobile app developer depends on his geographic location.

Today, the highly qualified developer at the best price you can get from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. From these India has a large pool of developer due to its highest population which give you the pool of many varieties of developer according to their experience, expertise, and rating.

As the 4 December 2023, the cost of hiring a remote app developer in India is $15 – $35 per hour and if you hire the developer on a monthly salary basis then the cost would be $2500 – $8000 per month.

Where you can find the best remote app developer in India

For any entrepreneur or business owner hiring a perfect developer is very challenging it requires lots of time and money not just to hire an app developer but the one who can help you achieve your business goal and if you are from dubai check how you can hire app developer from dubai

remote mobile app developer in india

Some top companies from where you can hire a developer

  • DubaiAppDeveloper
  • Upler
  • Toptal
  • Turing
  • LinkedIn

You can hire your future remote team from here for your startup and the cost of hiring would be the same as I have discussed above.

The complexity of the development including coding, testing, and ensuring compatibility across the various OS devices contributes to the overall cost of development.

Hiring an in-house developer or remote developer: Which is best for a startup or small business

For achieving your dream mobile application you need a top-notch team of app developers. Traditionally, many companies prefer to hire in-house app developers for app development. With an in-house app developer, you get several advantages, such as direct and constant communication and greater control over the entire software development lifecycle.

Let checkout some pros and cons of hiring an in-house and remote developer

Pros of hiring a remote developer

  1. Access to global talent whom you can hire remotely
  2. You can distribute the remote team in different time zone which makes the development goes across the clock
  3. Anytime you can increase or decrease the size of the development team
  4. Cost-effective
  5. Hire on different modal
    • Hourly model
    • Dedicated remote team
    • Project-based model
  6. Expanded working hours

Cons of hiring a remote developer

  1. As the developer is sitting miles far away from you that creates a communication gap between you and your developer.
  2. Monitoring the working of the developer whether he is working on your project or not also becomes very difficult
  3. Fear of losing data
  4. Fear of developer may sell the code to any other third party

Pros of in-house developer

  1. Full control and flexibility
  2. Smooth collaboration and good communication
  3. In-depth understanding of your business and goal
  4. Data and security control

Cons of in-house developer

  1. Employees switch jobs if they are not able to get a good salary or working environment, So you have to hire an HR team to regularly fill the missing positions and maintain a good working culture.
  2. Recruitment cost and time, you have to handle this on your own.


Lastly, I will recommend that if you are a startup or small business then you must hire remote employees or consult any good firm like dubaiappdeveloper who can provide you best remote development team. Because on a small scale, it will become your extra headache to hire a development team in-house and manage them and you won’t be able to focus on your core business.

Because in India specially IT professionals switch very fast because they have many choices, in India there are more then 1.7 lakh IT companies so they do not think about it anywhere they get good salary hike or work culture they switch. And if you are big organization, profitable have good number of team then hire your own in-house development team.

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