hire the best ecommerce app developer in UAE

Hire the best ecommerce app developer in UAE

Dubai is the hub of businesses, especially the online business. Many companies are moving to the Internet and this helps them to scale their business worldwide, Many manufacturing companies directly sell their products to the end customer and earn good profits.

By developing an e-commerce app you can scale your visibility and brand value we can take the example of Ali Express which export Chinese product worldwide and makes a revenue of more than 500 billion yuan every month. If you do not understand this adoption curve then the competition will crush you and move forward.

Best ecommerce app developer in UAE

Dubaiappdeveloper is the best ecommerce app development company in 2024, we have worked with more than 50+ ecommerce clients. From niches specific to multi-vendor marketplace-type applications we can develop all types at the best price.

We believe that if you are developing an ecommerce application from us that means you want to multiply your sales and our team keeps this in mind how we design your app that so to become easier for users to shop easily and navigate to the product easily.

We build online stores and apps that work well on mobile devices and are compatible with both iOS and Android. We try to deliver the best cutting-edge ecommerce solutions to our clients which become sales generating machines for them.

UI will be shown neat and clean, and the user easily navigate and place an order within 2-3 steps. Whether it’s creating a simple online store or a more complex multi-vendor portal, including features like shopping carts and payment gateway integration, we have the expertise to meet your ecommerce requirements.

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What technology do we use for ecommerce app development?

As a leading e-commerce app development company, it is our duty to deliver a prominent and finest application to our client, for that first comes the technology we choose and the developer who has mastered the technology.

Many famous giants use WordPress, Magento, Shopify, and Webflow for ecommerce website development but here we are developing a mobile application and there is no drag-and-drop builder for building a scalable ecommerce application for your business.

So these are the technologies we use.

If you hire your own in-house team and develop the application from scratch then you need the following members :

  • Project manager
  • UI/UX designer
  • Mobile app developer (Frontend)
  • Backend developer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Quality Analyst

Just a difference between hiring a team and outsourcing an app development project, it all lies in the cost, because hiring developers and managing them will cost more than the actual development cost.

Features you will get in your ecommerce app

I have divided the features of the application into 2 categories, first is MVP-level features and second is Next gen features which will be more advanced than the features of current ecommerce apps running in the market.

Login/Signup – Here user will create his account and get a unique ID through which we will track the user’s activity and orders.

Account management – This is a must-have feature of any application from where they can see past orders, Track their upcoming orders, save address or current location, and payment information.

Search and filter – It is an impactful feature for good use experience and a time saver for them. Good applications are now implementing AI-based searching which understands the context of the user wants to search and displays the result according to that. When you hire the best developer like us we 100% implement this feature in your app.

Product details – This page gives complete information about the product, manufacturing, review, and ratings.

Add to cart – This is a main part of any e-commerce application, Where whatever the product user wants to buy he add it to the cart and checkout.

Order tracking – After the buyer orders the product he wants to track his order within the app to be aware of the order location and time it will get delivered.

Push notification – This is just to keep the user engaged with your application and send him information about his order and important notice.

Customer support: If you will timely fix the issue of your customer this will make him special and he will become your promoter. In most of the apps we have seen it becomes, very difficult and long process to raise your issue. And a 3 step ticket raising system will help your customer to send the problem to you and get it resolved.

Next-Gen features

AR/VR product experience: Here customers can see how he product will look in a 3D model and will be able to experience that product like if he is buying cloth then we can see if he wears it then how he will look. Like Lenskart did.

Voice search: Find a product through voice just telling the app about the requirement and instantly it showcases the result

AI buying assistant: Here you see the shopping assistant who will tell you about the product, help in searching and filtering, and many other things just by voice command.

Ecommerce app we have developed

Hope you understand everything about the e-commerce application now I want to show you some of the e-commerce applications that we have developed for our clients.


Socialee is a video shopping app where you can see the video of the product and buy it from there click here


Cut2Fit is not your typical tailoring app; it’s a revolutionary tool in the custom clothing realm. Designed with an easy-to-use interface and a range of features, Cut2Fit is set to turn your tailoring experience from a challenge into a smooth and enjoyable process.

What you will get with the application

Not just the application but there are some other panels that are required to run and manage the operations of the mobile app.

With the mobile app you will get

Admin panel: When you develop an ecommerce application from us we will provide you the best admin panel which will help your business to manage online.

This panel will have all the required pages like product management, user management, insight, Order and app analytics, a Dashboard with graphs and payment gateway settings, CMS integrated, and many other options

Support Panel: This panel is very important when you scale your business there may be chances your customer faces some problem so you have to set up a team that needs this support panel to instantly respond to the customer’s issues and take action and everything should work with the process.

Free 1 month maintenance: This is our speciality as the best ecommerce app developer in UAE we provide free maintenance to our customers for 1 month if he/she face any problem related to the mobile app then we are always available to fix it with in 24 hours.

Maintenance and support

We provide 1 month maintenance free in this any bug fixes or small updation we will do it for free. After that offcourse it will be chargable according to the developer you want to hire.

Like you can hire developer who will be avaiable for you to give instant service and updation and it will cost you around 15,000 – 30,000 per month.

Why should you hire developers from dubaiappdeveloper?

DubaiAppDeveloper is a team of top-class expert app developers in Dubai, UAE. Develop quality cross-platform native applications in React Native and Flutter. If you want to hire a developer you can build your remote team within 48 hours and pay them on a monthly salary.

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The developer will work for you 8 hours a day and 5 days in a week. Here the developer will be directly involved with you and your business, to know more you can visit Hire App Developer in Dubai

The advantage of hiring the best e-commerce app developer in UAE from us is

  • You can see the direct progress of the developer and explain your requirements very clearly
  • Development team transparency
  • Easily scale the team size according to your need
  • No worries about payment as you know it is fixed.

Hope you understand the complete scenario and choose the best developer you can contact us here at admin@dubaiappdeveloper.ae

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