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What is the hotel app development cost in 2024 | Features | Dubai, UAE

After the pandemic, there has been a tremendous shift in the travel industry, people are traveling a lot. In dubai 66% of the GDP contribution is by the travel industry. That is why developing a hotel booking app opens a new opportunity for you to enter the market. You can link all the requirements related to travel into one place. There are many hotel booking applications like Agoda,, and Airbnb but on different models, you also make applications like Oyo.

If you are already from the hotel industry, this business will give you a million dollars in return because it is evolving slowly and slowly.

There are 1144 established hotels in UAE and to list all of them on one platform from where users can search, filter, and book easily you must know the hotel app development cost. Starting with a location-specific hotel booking app you can expand that application to the whole world.

Before coming to a conclusion about what will be the cost of the hotel app let’s first understand the required features of the hotel app.

Hotel booking app features

Let’s understand the features are need to be added to the hotel booking app.

Searching / Filtering

When we have a large collection of data then searching and filtering are required so that users can sotlist the list according to their need and book the hotel. If this basic feature is laggy and complicated then users will never use your app.

Signup / Login

To ensure that only members whom you know can see your data and access other features, a signup and login feature is required. So that you can also track which user is doing what and target him with need offers and discount

Connect on Call

Accommodation detail screen

It is obvious that after searching and applying the filter if any accommodation looks perfect for the user’s needs and requirements then he must click on it and know about about it.

So you have to make sure that, details screen has all the required data like :

  • Photo Gallery
  • Location
  • Price details
  • Basis details like name, rating, and reviews
  • Hotel facilities
  • Call to action button
  • share button
  • Other required information

Booking engine and Bill Payment

The payment stage is divided into 2 stage


At this point user has seen all the details of the hotel and now he wants to book the room there. so we will check out so will show the required details of the user and he has to fill in some information like the number of guests, number of rooms, etc. So this screen is necessary to get the important data that we will send to the hotel.

Payment handling

After getting the information we will so the total bill amount with taxes and and call to action button of “Pay Now”. For this, you have to integrate a payment gateway in your app. To know which gateway will be best for you, you can consult your respected app development company.

Push notification

For day-to-day interaction with your users, this feature is very important to send daily offers and coupons. You can also use it like Zomato to send daily thoughts and branding-related offers

hotel app development

User account

Here user can add and update his important details like name, email, address, photo, and ID so that at the time of booking have not to fill in these details again and again.

Cancellation policy

You either possess it or you don’t. But remember, users want to feel safe and like the option to cancel their reservation in an emergency. This will give them the authenticity that they have zero risk of losing money in the case of an emergency.

Hotel app development cost

As I have already explained the development cost [Complete Guide] How much does it cost to hire a mobile app developer in 2024? The time taken to create a hotel app is around 1920 hours, This time is taken when the app is simple with some basic required features.

Suppose you hire the developer with a cost of $8 per hour then the total cost of the app development is 1920 x 8 = $15, 360.

Developers required for hotel app development

  • Frontend developer
  • Backend developer
  • UI/UX designer
  • Project Manager


Creating a hotel booking app is a hard task that requires the involvement of skilled expert mobile app developers.

At Dubaiappdeveloper we have highly skilled mobile app developers and some of them has done hotel booking app in their past work. We will provide you with a developer who will be highly skilled in several technologies and work according to your requirements. Also, you will get daily reports from the developer by which you will be updated with day-to-day work done and tickets closed.

We have created a well-planned SOP which will help us to properly organize the app development team and project complete before the deadline. Hope you have enough knowledge about the hotel app development cost, process, and team builder. I hope you will find the best team that will give you a smooth-running hotel app to enhance your hotel business and give you a boost in the market.

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