How much does mobile app development cost to develop an AI-based fitness and workout app?

After ChatGPT was launched, “AI” became a popular term. Many people are now creating software they call AI, even if it’s not clear how much AI is really in it. They use the term “AI” on their websites, social media, blogs, and everywhere else.

But you want to create a real AI-based fitness app. So, let’s first understand what you need to develop such an app.

DeveloperExperienceHourly rate
App developer3-4 year$15
Backend Developer4-5 year$15
Python Developer7 – 10 year$25
UI/UX Designer2-3 year$12

From the above chart, you can calculate the cost of your application. Based on my past projects, the average time to develop a fitness app is 4-6 months. Additionally, training the model and embedding the AI in the application will require an extra 2-3 months. So, in total, it will take 6-9 months, and the development cost will be around $60,000 – $100,000.

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