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How to Hire a Mobile App Developer in Dubai, UAE

If you are reading this article, I am sure you want to hire a mobile app developer in dubai for your startup or the business that you want to grow to the next level. But finding a suitable developer who is good at his work, must fit your budget, and must be cooperative to work with you long-term is very difficult. Also, it takes lots of time to research like checking reviews and ratings, expertise, past projects, and many other things.

Hiring the best mobile app developer could be mind-blowing for your project because a good developer can turn your app idea into a reality. Whether it’s Android or iOS, he will ensure that your app runs smoothly on all devices.

But, that is the tough part of hiring the best developer, but don’t worry in this article I am going to give you the top 5 points and the most essential techniques to hire the best quality developer who will work with you as a team in the long term. So let’s explore some essential points that will help you to connect with the best app developers in dubai.

hire app mobile app developer in dubai

1) Clear your requirement

Clarity is the power!

Before you go outside and search for a developer first, look inside.

Clearly define your project scope, goal, and whom you want to target with this application ?, What feature do you need ?, What technology do you want to use? such questions you have to answer and create a proper document for that, so that whatever is in your mind, now comes to the paper.

There are many app development companies in dubai and everyone has separate strengths and specializations, everyone niche is different but you have to hire a developer who has some experience in your niche he will be able to help you with project build and also give you some extra input which will make your app more stable and smoother.

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Determine whether you want to contact an agency, or you want a single developer or a team of developers. See if you do not have any knowledge about product building and technology then it will be better consult to any agency but if you know about these things and want to or you are also a developer then better your hire a remote team that will work with you as a co-developer and together you a build a nice product in less cost.

At last, decide the budget of your project and timeline, this is very important otherwise you may burn so much money and not get any output. If you decide the budget and timeline then you will hire according to that and your planning of the project will also be accordingly.

2) Check Portfolio, Reviews, and Rating

Now this is the very important part, When you contact a developer or he connects with you first ask for his portfolio as good developers always maintain their profile on social media or share everything they have done in the past on their portfolio website so you can check that out. Look for those project which is somewhat similar to your project and the technology used for development.

Read their client review on the website and other review sites as well as testimonials to understand the past experience of their client. Also, make sure to request references and reach out to them to gain a better understanding of the developer’s or company’s trustworthiness and level of professionalism.

If you are looking to hire the best mobile app developer in dubai, find a developer who has a track record of developing successful mobile apps.

3) Interview with candidate

Development is not a day game it goes till the end because technology, methodology, and the will of the end user are changing day by day so you have to keep on updating new functionality remove bugs, and make the app smoother day by day, and for this, you have to hire a long term developer.

So conduct a small meeting with candidates to shortlist them. Discuss your project, and ask about their approach and development process by this you will understand their working style how much they understand about your project and goal, and also most importantly their communication skills.

In the interview or meeting you have to ensure that the developer has the required technical skills also have experience in Android studio or Xcode, and knowledge of relevant tools and frameworks.

During the development of the project, communication is very important so make sure the developer fluently communicates in English or your preferred language to make smooth communication.

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4) Legal and Contractual Matters

Before starting the contract discussion over the payment is also important, If any misunderstanding occurs then it will affect your project timeline also, so better you create a legal contract with the developer also.

Talk about and work out details, like how much it will cost, how and when you’ll pay, important steps along the way, and who owns the ideas.

Make sure you have a written agreement that both parties must follow.

5) Support and Maintenance

When your project is fully completed after that you need developers to regularly maintain your application. Because at the time of launch, we don’t know what bugs and glitches may occur that need to be resolved at the same time ask about help after the app is launched, like ongoing support and fixing problems. This is important to keep the app working well over time.


In this article, you came to know what the process required to hire a mobile app developer in dubai, If you want to know the cost to hire a remote app developer then you can read our other blogs

There are so many app development companies in dubai to whom you can consult an send them your requirement and they will develop a full-fledged application but if you want to hire expert app development team then you can contact us, we sources our expert talent to other companies and businesses to help them in building their dream project

Hope this article help you if any question or need a free consultation then please feel free to book a call.

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