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How To Make A Real Estate App Like Propertyfinder In UAE

Best property app in UAE: Property finding in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is like trying to grasp sand. Quite challenging, huh? In all certainty, yes. Real estate, however, has undergone a sea change since the introduction of real estate applications. Everything is manageable and pleasant now.

It would therefore not surprise us if you wanted to make a real estate app developer in dubai like Property Finder. After all, such apps have enormous commercial potential. On the contrary, if you are completely green to the app development process, creating a real estate app is no picnic.

Don’t panic; we’re here. If you’re working on a real estate app, this blog has all the details you need to get started. After reading this post, you’ll be well on your way to developing a successful property search app, and the cost to developer app like Propertyfinder. Continue reading!

Must-Have Features in Real Estate App Developer in Dubai

The app’s vast database ought to include listings for townhomes, apartments, villas, business properties, and more. Users may quickly and simply browse through a variety of possibilities to find and pick the perfect property for their requirements.

The app allows users to apply several search restrictions, including location, budget, number of bedrooms, features, and kind of property. The user can find the ideal property by refining the search results using these parameters.

A multitude of details about each home, such as measurements, floor plans, photos, descriptions, and salient features, ought to be available to consumers through the app.

Saved searches and notifications on recently listed properties that fit their criteria are further features available to users.

The option to contact owners or brokers directly is one of the most significant aspects of real estate apps. Customers should be able to easily contact them via the app to inquire about properties, schedule showings, and negotiate prices.

You might include a mortgage calculator to provide customers with a more accurate estimate of their monthly mortgage payment. Users can get a good idea of what their potential monthly payments might be by entering the purchase price, down payment amount, interest rate, and loan term.

How to Create Best property app in UAE


You need to be well-versed in the market you’re entering before you enter it. Insufficient data would make it challenging to start the development of a real estate app developer in dubai.

Don’t forget to gather data on the following grounds:

  • Trends in the real estate industry today
  • Rival applications in the real estate sector
  • Cost to developer apps like Propertyfinder
  • Important flaws in the rival applications
  • Evaluation of consumer behavior


You now have sufficient knowledge to get started. Create a detailed product description for your real estate application. The essence and culmination of your app development process will be this statement.

The following grounds should be covered in the app statement:

  • Your real estate app’s goal
  • Customer requirements
  • Key attributes and capabilities of your application
  • More features that should be included in your app
  • Platform for the application’s launch


Prior to selecting a mobile app development company for employment, do your work. Investigation for the reasons listed below:

  • Years of expertise
  • The portfolio’s diversity
  • Channels of communication
  • Method of development
  • The development team’s location

Take the app development process further by hiring a top-class app developer from dubaiappdeveloper.

Is there a procedure you must go through in order to work with a reputable mobile app development company in Dubai?

Design and Development

To assure the quality of your app, your development team will staff up with enough testers to run the following checks:

  • Compatibility Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Performance Testing


Deployment entails releasing the app to the platform of choice. A successful launch depends on your marketing efforts.

Before you head out on deployment, keep in mind these points:

  • Make sure you follow the norms of your chosen medium.
  • The server the app is stored on must be reliable and safe.

Still want to Check for Real estate App development, then you must read the cost to developer app like propertyfinder.

The Cost To Developer App Like Propertyfinder

Developing a real estate app like to Property Finder typically incurs an average cost of $170,000. However, this estimate is a broad overview and doesn’t encompass various influential factors in real estate app development costs. The key determinants include:

  • Size and complexity of the application
  • Size of the development team
  • The sophistication of the app design
  • Number of features and functionalities
  • Native vs. cross-platform app development
  • Number of third-party integrations
  • Advancement of the tech stack used
  • Maintenance and security requirements

Considering these factors, we’ve outlined approximate costs based on the app’s size and complexity:

  • Simple app – $50,000
  • Moderately Average App – $80,000

Highly Complex App – $200,000


Real estate mobile app development in Dubai can help businesses draw clients and present them with alluring offers they can’t refuse, especially as mobile technology continues to advance at an exponential rate. For real estate companies, a user-friendly mobile app may enhance client connection and boost return on investment.

DubaiAppdeveloper, a leader in mobile app development, collaborates with you to innovate while utilizing a systematic approach to result-driven development services. Our professionals, who have years of expertise in the real estate industry, concentrate on achieving results by striking a balance between strategy, technical capabilities, performance, costs, and mobile app development consultation.

We cover every stage of the application lifecycle, from conception to development and delivery, to optimise company efficiency, customer involvement, and return on investment.

What time is required to create a Property Finder-style real estate app?

Timelines for developing apps like Property Finder might range from a few weeks to several months. An average of 9-12 months may be needed to complete the development of a complicated app with many features. However, a basic app with few functions can be created in that time frame.

Which operating system (Android, iOS, or both) would be best for my real estate app?

If you want to reach the most people, you need to optimize for both iOS and Android. That way, you know that anyone with all sorts of mobile devices will be able to utilize your program.

Exactly what functions must the top property app offer?

The following are examples of what a powerful real estate app should have:

👉🏾 Filters for more refined searches of listed properties
👉🏾 Location Mapping and Locale Reports for Each Listing
👉🏾 You may save searches and set up alerts.
👉🏾 Get in Touch with the Property Managers
👉🏾 Review and Rankings from Actual Users
👉🏾 Support for Multiple Languages and Currencies in Mortgage Calculators

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