Know About Custom app development cost in Sharjah

Due to technology, mobile apps have become the most dominant form of this digital era, playing a crucial role in the overall success of a business. They provide instant access to a variety of services within minutes, whether it’s ordering food or booking a cab. Different businesses are coming up with new ideas, and for that, they need custom app development services to create a mobile app tailored to their specific needs and requirements.

There are two types of applications: ready-made, also known as white label apps, and custom apps. White-label apps are pre-built and sold to anyone; the company can sell them to whomever they choose. These applications are often inexpensive and of lower quality. For example, if you want a taxi booking application, you can buy a ready-made Uber clone or Lyft clone application.

On the other hand, custom mobile applications are more expensive and premium, and the owner has full rights to its source code. No one else can sell its source code. For instance, Facebook is a social media app, but the people who developed it cannot sell it to anyone.

Custom applications are developed on demand based on specific client requirements. These applications are scalable and generally superior to clone apps. Additionally, you can incorporate special features to attract a specific audience.

In life, the quality of something often matches the amount of money you invest in it. Creating a fantastic app requires more than just a small budget. Yet, simply spending a lot of money doesn’t guarantee success.

In a simple words

Imagine trying to become a great chef without knowing how to cook. Buying expensive kitchen tools won’t magically make you a master chef. Success comes from understanding what you’re doing in the kitchen and learning every day.

What the is cost of developing a custom mobile app in Sharjah

The price of hiring someone else to make a mobile app can change depending on how complicated the app is, what features it needs, how it looks, which devices it works on (like iPhone or Android), and where the hired company is located. Usually, it can cost between 45,000 AED and 550k AED, or even more, based on what the app needs to do.

Many people are feared of seeing this pricing but developing a quality mobile app will make you more profitable you have to understand that you are building your own product.

custom app development cost

Also, custom mobile application costs depend on many factors this pricing we have tells you, how much we charge for the application also if you increase the requirement, change the technology, or team size then this price may change.

Factors like

who builds your app (team members’ experience)

how your app gets built (technology)

what you need your app to do (requirement)

mobile app design

maintenance cost

app complexity

operating system (Android and iOS apps)

Mark each of these point which is going to impact the price of your application. I have already discussed these points in detail in my previous blog about how much it costs to hire a mobile app developer in 2024.

Top industries in Sharjah

United Arab Emirates is one of the Middle east countries which have the highest GDP of $412 (as the report of 2020). Sharjah is the fastest growing emirates in UAE, many companies are setting up their offices and manufacturing units in Sharjah and dealing with the global market. Let’s talk about some of the top-growing industries in Sharjah

custom app development cost

Real estate industry: Villas, Societies, and many ongoing projects are running in Sharjah. UAE has the best infrastructure in all of the Middle East countries.

Tourism and Travel: Every year 14.3 million tourists visit the UAE, If you are from this industry then you need a proper mobile application that represents your brand.

E-Commerce Solutions: Sharjah is a big player in e-commerce in the Middle East, Although it surpasses Abu Dhabi which has a higher population than Sharjah.

Hotel Chains and Restaurants: As the number of tourists is increasing in UAE the demand for hotels and restaurants is also increasing day by day. These industries need mobile apps and complete solutions to manage these businesses without this you cannot survive in the market.

Models of custom app development

There are 2 models to develop a custom mobile app. The first one is outsourcing the app development project and the second one is hire an app developer in dubai.

custom app development cost

Outsourcing projects to any agency: This is a very simple methodology where you have to just send your requirements to the agency and he will take the time to give you the complete application so you don’t have to take any headache about the starting, technology, architecture, and deployment everything you will get done and you have to pay the amount.

That means there is no direct involvement of yours in the product development you will get a timely demo and final product at the end of the deadline.

Hire a remote app developers team: Now here is your direct involvement in product development, you will decide on the technology, architecture, coding style, and many other things. You know who is working in the team for this you must have at least a little knowledge about app development.

This will save you time, and from the beginning, you will know about your product and which thing is working, and how.

If you are a startup owner then you must develop your app with this model because I have seen many startups struggling to hire developers and no one is coming to them those who are coming leave immediately so you can contact third-party agencies like us and we will provide you the remote developer who will genuinely work for you on a monthly salary basis.

Why you should choose us for custom app development

You must choose dubaiappdeveloper for your custom app development if you want your project to look good, and work smoothly on your customer’s hand then you must try our service.

Our motto is to provide highly high-quality service at a better price which is why we have more than 20 mobile app developers who are experts in their work.

We can develop your dream mobile application through any model you want like either you can choose the outsourcing model, or you can choose the hire app developer model.

We have helped more than 100 startups for build their mobile apps and some of the applications are now handling millions of traffic. You can watch our work here on the portfolio page

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