Matrimony app development Cost, Features, Panels

With the evolution of technology, finding a life partner has become more convenient. You no longer need to rely solely on relatives and newspaper ads. Technology has made it easy to upload your biodata and photos on matrimony apps, which then help find the best match for you and facilitate meetings.

If you’re interested in developing your own matrimony app, you’ve come to the right place to inquire about the cost. The process involves creating a platform where individuals can share their information and connect with potential life partners. The cost can vary based on features, design, and functionalities, ranging from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. It’s essential to carefully consider your requirements and budget when embarking on such a venture.

Well, you are at the right place here I will give you the complete details about the app developers, its features, and what features you can add also, this business is very niche-specific and very popular in Asia continent. So you can grow very easily.

Many people first want to know the price which is not quite good, see many companies in the market can give you the matrimony app script from 5000Rs – 30,000Rs but the good-looking application with advanced features, innovations, flexibility, usability, solid code base, and strategies navigation, all these things in the application if you want then it will cost you around 4 lakh – 12 lakhs. Well, the Choice is yours whether you want to make a paper boat or a Titanic.

Matrimonial Market Size and Statistics

  • The money earned from the online matrimony business is predicted to go up in 2023 when you compare it to the money made in 2017 that means people like such types of applications especially in India. The survey done by Nikah Forever found that most people surveyed believe that matrimonial websites make it easier for them to find their life partner.
  • The Indian dating website shaadi.com had, on average, 463 page views per person who visited the site.
  • Recent statistics show that in 2024, the market is predicted to reach $0.30 billion, which is a notable increase from $0.11 billion in 2017.
  • Every day, over 10 million eligible Indians use online matrimonial services to search for a bride or groom.
  • The estimated number of paid subscriptions on matrimony.com was around 700 thousand in 2020, up from about 571 thousand in 2014.
  • The top mobile app development companies have raised their investment by 30% to 45%. This increase is due to the significant advantages seen in the growth of mobile internet usage.
matrimony app development cost

Must have Features of Matrimony App

A great marriage app has all the required features that a customer wants. By including these in your app, you provide users with a safe and reliable platform to connect and form meaningful relationships without any trouble.

  • Login/Signup
  • Profile setup
  • Upload Picture
  • Check and Add Horoscope
  • Search and Filter
  • Send invitation
  • Call or Chat system
  • Privacy Protection
  • Live customer support
  • Push Notification

All these are the basic features that every matrimony app must have, but if you want to look different in the market represent your brand, and compete with others then only users will come to your app, you need an advanced feature in your application like

Video Chat: Matrimonial apps also let users have video chats. This means you can talk to possible partners in real time. This is just to make it easier for you to find your life partner.

Live Location Tracking: This feature is helpful because it allows users to find matches that are located close to them.

Save profiles as Favorite: Your matrimonial app should include a feature that lets users save their favorite profiles.

User Blocking Feature: The user-blocking feature is crucial because it lets users prevent interactions with others who might bother them with unnecessary annoyances.

Create an album: Here users can create an album by adding lots of photos and videos to learn more about the bride or groom.

These are some good features that you add in your upcoming project but yes adding these features will also affect your matrimony app development cost.

What new idea you can implement in your Matrimony Application

In the matrimony app market, there is significant growth, and some companies have created specialized apps for specific clans or religions. This helps customers feel confident that they can find a person from their own clan or religious community.

So, you can also do this by creating a niche-based matrimony application and targeting that particular application to their target audience this will work very well and you will get lots of audience attention.

Some of the niches where you can develop applications like

  • Muslim Matrimony App
  • Divorcee Matrimony App
  • Marathi Matrimony App
  • Telegu Matrimony App
  • Rajasthani Matrimony App
  • Brahmin Matrimony App
  • Kayasth Matrimony App

Like that, you can see how I divided each clan and created a particular matrimony app for them.

Technology required for matrimony app in India

If you’re a confused entrepreneur trying to figure out which technologies to use for your matrimonial app, here’s a list to guide you.

For Mobile applications, you can use React Native, Flutter, and Kotlin.

Twilio, Push.io, and Firebase provide push notifications.

Fast2Sms and Twilio provide SMS and voice services.

For the backend, you can use PHP, Node Js, Bun Js, MySQL, or MongoDB

Payment methods include Braintree and PayPal, Stripe, EWallets, Razorpay, and Google In-App purchase

Databases supported include MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, Redis, Postgres, and MailChimp integration

AWS, Google, and Azure you can use for cloud servers for flowing data and good user experience

Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache Flink, Cisco, and IBM Realtime Analytics.

Either GD or GD2 for the image upload and resize functions.

Zend Guard Loader installed

MOD Rewrite module (.htaccess)

If you have a clear vision and aim to establish a robust online matrimony business, you should leverage these technologies. A reliable matrimony app development company can help you implement these technologies, offering you a well-crafted application at a reasonable matrimony app development cost.

Team required to develop matrimony app in India

As the demand for any project increases in the market then slowly-slowly competition also increases and to beat that competition we need a high-performing team who can develop the application for us.

Ideally, you would want a team of 5 to 6 members, each an expert in their domain, contributing expertise to different segments of your product development. Alternatively, you can consider hiring a matrimonial app development company to assist with your app.

Project Manager: He will manage all the team members and set the deadline for the features. A project manager is responsible for designing the architecture and process of the application development. He will make sure the app works smoothly and also team should also work on different parts of the application at last he assembles it and delivers the final app.

Mobile App developer: He is the main part of the team because he is going to develop the final application by adding all the business logic and API integration.

Web App developer: He is responsible for building your web-based admin panel where you will have complete access to the application like user management, account management, analytics, matches fixed, Referral earn report, and Promotion analytics.

Backend developer: He will write the backend code of the application like the all-important business logic, account management, and reading and writing the data in the database.

Quality Analyst: He is the quality check of the application who will check if the application is running smoothly and if no bugs and crashes occur in the app.

DevOps Engineer: As the continue developer and deployment something problems occur so the DevOps engineer is there to fix any issue that occurs in the pipeline.

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Cost of Matrimony app development

Now finally let’s talk about the matrimony app development cost hope that you have read from the beginning you may have understood what things are involved in application development.

If you decide to develop this application yourself, the cost is estimated to be between $5,000 and $25,000. This includes the mobile app for both Android and iOS, an admin panel, and one month of free maintenance.

It’s important to note that while there are individuals offering to develop the app for as low as $200, there’s a significant difference between choosing a developer like buying a Maruti car and a BMW car. Both are cars, but they differ in features and quality. In the context of app development, investing in a higher quality service may bring better features, performance, and overall user satisfaction.

Can I start a matrimony business in dubai?

Yes you can, dubai is a Muslim country they believe in nikah unlike Western culture and there is no specific app for dubai matrimony running actively so you can start your business there

How much time it will take to develop my matrimony app?

It will take around 1.5 – 2 months to develop the complete matrimony application with all the basic features required

How to set the subscription price in the Matrimony app?

In the starting use the freebie model to gain some popularity after that slowly you add pricing and increase it according to the demand.

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