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Top 10 mobile app development company in Al Ain, UAE

Now a days mobile are not only for making or receiving calls or sending receiving an SMS, now it has become more than that. That is why today’s top mobile app development company in Al Ain is trying to make smoother and user-friendly apps so that businesses can expand and multiply their revenue. Because they know that having a mobile application is very important and if you don’t make it then your competitor will develop it and crush you in the market.

You are from Al Ain I understand your problem that finding a good developer in budget-friendly pricing is very difficult. So I have researched almost all the mobile app development companies in al ain, dubai, and abu dhabi. and prepare the list of 30 companies who is mobile app development giants in al ain but listing all of them will make you confuse, So I decided to filter out more of them on the basis of

  • Employee Strength
  • Reviews and ratings on business
  • Listing platforms
  • Past client review
  • Hourly rate
  • Number of projects done

From my understanding, if you are looking for the best of the best mobile app development company then these 5 qualities of the company should be 10 out of 10.

List of top 10 mobile app development company in Al Ain

dubai app developer

DubaiAppDevelopers is a reputed mobile app development company in Al Ain. They develop any type of application from simple to-do apps to AR/VR-type applications with budget-friendly pricing. We have worked with more than 100 startups and helped them to expand their business and reach close to their customers.

If you are a startup owner who wants to expand the team and needs remote developers who can develop mobile applications for your startup then also from dubaiappdeveloper you can hire developers on a monthly salary basis who will work straight 8 hours for you, 5 days in a week. So that you don’t have to worry about :

Connect on Call

2. Amana Advertising

Amana Advertising is a professional mobile app development company in Al Ain.

Aman Advertising offers services like mobile app development, website development, e-commerce store, etc. They have highly skilled developers who are experts in different programming languages, tools, and presentations. They offer pocket-friendly services for creating a mobile app that can be smoothly run on several users’ mobile phones. Amana Advertising has top-notch app developers who are skilled in making apps for Android, iOS, and even for both types of phones.

If you want to take services from Amana Advertising then you can contact them from here:

appsinvo - mobile app development company in al ain

3. Appsinvo

Appsinvo is a well-known company mobile app development company in Al Ain that is trained in making innovative mobile apps. Appsinvo is dedicated to providing all types of IT services for web and mobile app development. This includes coming up with ideas, designing user-friendly and smooth interfaces, scalable coding, and getting the final product ready for use.

They assure their clients to have an application that runs without any bug and end user do not have any problem understanding the UI.

Industries where Appsinvo mostly serves are Restaurants, m-Learning, News App, Political, etc.

If you would also like to be served by Appsinvo then you can contact them from

4. GenITeam Solutions

GenITeam Solutions is a trusted Web and mobile app development company in Al Ain. They highly focus on providing you with highly trained mobile app developers by this they take care of the tech and you can focus on your product the same type of services is provided by dubai app developers.

They will take care of these, 4 points while the project development:

  1. Recruitment and selection
  2. HR management
  3. Resource availability
  4. Billing Cycle

If you want to hire the, highly certified developers from then you can contact them from here:


5. AlphaApps

Alpha Apps offers complete solutions from planning and strategy to launching a product and analyzing its performance. You just think about any app idea they will make it real. AlphaApps is the fastest growing mobile app development company in Al Ain. They have around 45 employees across the globe.

If you want to contact AlphaApps then you can mail for discussion here:

6. Matrixsolutions

Matrix Solutions provides WPS-compatible HR and Payroll Software Solutions systems for small to medium-sized companies in UAE, Sharjah, Dubai, and other Arab Countries. They offer other services like Mobile and website development. They help their clients beat their competitors and reach their business goals by effectively implementing technology and digital marketing strategies to improve business SOPs and functions.

They believe that online providing mobile applications is not enough you must make sure that the app is playing a major role in giving revenue to your client, This type of vision makes them the top mobile app development company in Al Ain.

For Mobile app development service contact:

Mayankalservices is the fastest-growing tech giant that provides the highest qualified MERN stack developers with Employee management software. They hire only the top 1% finest developers who go through several screening processes.

Within 3 Step, you can build your remote MERN stack development team:

  1. Select the technology stack for the project.
  2. Number of developers you want to hire.
  3. See the developer’s profile and add them to your team list.

And pay them their salary on a monthly basis.

Mayankal will manage everything for you and you can have one-to-one communication with your team and manage them with their brilliant employee management software

You don’t have to pay any commission or any platform charges, just if you want to use employee management software then you have to pay as per the use.

To connect with Mayankaservices you can contact here:

8. Reontel

Reontel is a Digital Transformation Company in the UAE. They specialize in using the best digital transformation services and solutions in Dubai to help your business connect with more quality customers and achieve your business goals.

According to some data from different IT agency listing websites Reon is a reliable digital transformation company, that works to bring people, processes, and technology together to change the fundamental base of your business and enhance its core performance.

You can also hire software developers from here on an hourly basis. For this, you have to contact them at

9. Edoramedia

Edoramedia is a results-oriented digital transformation company that excellent in consulting, enterprise solutions, digital infrastructure, and the development of websites and mobile applications. They are a leading mobile app development company in Al Ain.

They have partnered with Marketo, SAS, Upsales, rbbi.

Edoramedia was founded in 2012 and now they have more than 50 employees across the globe, They have good experience in working with startups for developing a fully-fledged mobile application from scratch.

If you are also a startup owner then you can contact them here:

10. Hyperlinkinfosystem

Hyperlink Infosystem is a renowned mobile app development company in Al Ain. Hyperlink InfoSystem is recognized for creating the most innovative and visually appealing mobile apps and websites for many companies like PapaJohn, Tata Power, The Vocal Coach, and Digital Banking Solution, Like that they have a unknown number of success mobile app projects.

They have different type of partnership modal for project development according to the customer needs like

Fixed price modal
Hire dedicated modal
On-site development modal
The company was started in 2011 and now they have more than 500 employees and has expanded them 5 countries.

For app development requirements contact them here:

How to hire the best mobile app development company in Al Ain


Hope you get to know about the top mobile app development companies in Al Ain, I have tried to list the best of the best companies that can give you better services and operate near you. Hiring a developer on an hourly basis is far more costly than hiring a developer on a monthly basis.

So if you have any long-term project on which the development will continue more then 6 months then you sure, you go through a dedicated developer on a monthly basis.

Dubaiappdeveloper is always a first choice for startups and small and medium-sized businesses because they have good experience in mobile app development from the past 6-7 years.

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