opinion trading apps like probo

How much does it cost to develop opinion trading apps like Probo

Do you know Probo has more than 7 million registered users and around 1-2 lakh daily active users? Yes, this is true. Everybody wants to earn by using his knowledge, some people invest in the stock market, some invest in cryptocurrencies and some play on such skill-based earning applications where they invest small amounts and predict the result by using their data analytics and get a good return. Such types of applications are legal because these are the game of skill not the game of luck. Everybody has the right to earn by using their brain and that’s what people do here.

Sometimes people win, sometimes they lose.

But, Do you know there is one person who always wins? No matter whatever the result comes.

The admin or the owner of the mobile app like in this case the earning of the probe owner.

Do you know in the last financial year, what was the revenue of probo? That is $533k means 4,43,23,613 Indian rupees.

And this company is continuously growing at a good pace.

What are opinion trading apps like Probo?

See, Probo is an opinion trading mobile application where users have to give their opinion of a particular topic in the form of YES or NO.

For example: Does India will win this match between India vs Pakistan

So if you bet on YES and invested 10Rs on that and if India wins you will get 2x, 3x, or sometimes 10x of your invested amount otherwise you will lose.

What is the business model of a Probo type of opinion trading application?

Let us understand the business model of a Probo-type application

Basically, the admin creates a question about trending topics like cricket, politics, YouTube, cryptocurrencies, etc.

As we know there is only 2 option to give your response on a particular topic either you can say YES or NO if people click on Yes. so if there are 100 slots and a maximum of people are trading on yes then the ROI on NO will increase and if a maximum of people are trading on NO then the ROI on Yes will increase and some charges probo will be deducted from the total slot collected amount.

opinion trading apps like probo

Like, if 100 people have invested 10Rs then the total bucket amount is 1000Rs so probo cut the 100Rs, and the rest is sent to the investors, who traded on the right options.

Like this, they publish daily contests on different topics and users bet on it

Opinion trading apps like probo development cost

So here is our main question what is the development cost of the probe-type opinion trading application, developing such type of trading application comes under medium level project where many calculations used to be done in the backend.

To develop such type of application we required

  • Frontend developer(React Native, Flutter, Ionics, Kotlin, Swift)
  • Backend developer
  • UI/UX designer
  • Data analysts
  • Google Cloud or AWS developer

Time for developing opinion trading apps like probo will take 480 – 500 hours if you are developing custom but if you want to develop white label probo type app it will take 50 – 60 hours to just set up and run so pricing in both cases will be different

Custom applications will cost you around $3000 – $4000 and white-label applications will cost you around $900 if you want to know about white-label and custom-build applications then read [Complete Guide] How much does it cost to hire a mobile app developer in 2024

Features in Probo applications

Now let’s talk about the features you will get in the probo-type application

  • Login/ Signup
  • Recharge with payment gateway
  • Withdraw
  • Push Notification
  • Add/Edit/Delete Category
  • Contest (Joining, and result declaration)
  • Refer and Earn
  • Leaderboard
  • Portfolio

So these are the main features you will get in every probo type application and if you have any new ideas then you can add your own custom new feature also. Which will help you to represent yourself differently in the market.

Why you should hire Dubaiappdeveloper to develop probo type application?

Dubaiappdeveloper is a team of highly expert developers who have minimum 3+ years of experience in mobile app development, Even if you have no idea how you can begin your mobile app development and how the application will run, you don’t need to worry about that because we will give you the complete training about running the application the market and how to control it and scale it.

Suppose you want to build your startup and want to developer to work under you and develop a mobile application according to your requirements.

Connect on Call

In other companies what happens is, that they will take the payment from you and start working on your project and they will give you the demo every 2 weeks and 3 weeks. You even don’t know how it works on your project and they will take hourly charges and increase your bill.

But in Dubaiappdeveloper there is no chance of increasing the bill because here you will not hire the developer on an hourly basis but you can hire on a monthly salary basis and 8 hours per day that developer is fixed for you.

The daily report you will get of their task completion

1 to 1 communication will developers

And here you go the high-performance development team is built for you and now you can focus on the non-technical part and your remote developer will focus on the technical part.


So last I would like to say that developing an opinion trading apps like probo is a very great business to start in 2024. Probo’s growth rate is 7% every year, and the company is getting lots of funding from different investors like Sequoia Capital, Elevation, and MK Venture Capital.

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