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How much does it cost to develop an app in react native in 2024 ? | Dubai UAE

More than 14.85% of the most downloaded apps in the US are developed in react native.  It is predicted that by 2023 the mobile application market will be 953 billion dollars. That is why today every business needs its own mobile application to widen its reach in the market.  Developing a mobile app in React native is a great choice this user can not only save money but also time.

React native is a very popular open-source mobile app development framework, It is managed by Facebook, and launched in 2015.  React native uses the React library which gives features like component reusability and virtual DOM which make the application run faster than like native app. It provides an efficient, smooth, and responsive user interface, significantly decreasing loading time. Making a UI design with react native is very easy and faster because the react native community has many UI libraries like React native paper, React native elements, Native base, etc.

In react native basically, we write javascript code, which is one of the most popular programming languages nowadays. As a result, the world’s leading brands are using this technology to develop their brand-new applications. These brands include Facebook, Ubereats, Airbnb, Instagram, and many others.

Some of the popular apps in React Native and their development cost.

  1. Facebook:
    Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world with 2 billion users as of 2021. It is free and the company earns its most of its revenue from advertising. Here new users can create profiles, upload photos, create or join groups share audio, video, thoughts, location, and many other things. Technology used: React native, Haystack, Bigpipe, Cassandra, Scribe.
    The development cost of social media platforms like Facebook
    : $15,000 – $50,000


  2. Discord:
    Discord is a very popular messaging chat application where users can connect via chat, voice call, and video calls, Here users can create groups and add up to a million users.
    It has more than 200 million monthly active users. It has 4.7 stars and 4.5 stars on Google Play Store and App Store respectively. And the app is running very smoothly and faster.

    Technology used: React native, erlang, PostgreSQL.

    The development cost of a messaging application like Discord: $30,000 – $2,00,000

  3. Walmart:
    For those who are thinking that we develop an e-commerce application in react native or not Walmart is a good example of this.
    Walmart is the world’s leading retail store, It provides users with a top-notch mobile application to shop from their home.
    They choose react native to take relief from the parallel development of mobile apps for Android and iOS which saved them lots of time and money. And now the company has observed better performance in page transition and native feel all over the app.

    Technology used: React native, Node Js, Kafka.
    The development cost of the Walmart-type application: $15,000 – 45,000

  4. Wix:
    Wix is a website builder platform, that has launched its app from which users can quality create their site by simple drag and drop and host on their server.
    In 2015 when Wix wanted to launch its mobile app time wix had a small mobile development team they decided the develop the mobile app in react native by which they could develop the app for both operating systems, app would be more efficient, and scalable app.

    The development cost of developing an app like Wix in react native: $30,000 – $80,000.

  5. Soundcloud:
    They adopted react native to develop SoundCloud pulse within a period of 5 months when Facebook made it open source. Since that time it was very hard to find an iOS developer and they do not want a gap between the launch of Android and iOS apps.

    The development cost of the app like SoundCloud
    : $10,000 – $30,000

Why you should choose to react native over Flutter?

The most well-known mobile app development frameworks among developers are React Native and Flutter. And occasionally we are unsure of which framework to choose to create our mobile app. In order to create a cross-platform application, both technologies are used.

Top 5 reasons for choosing React Native

  1. Any mobile application’s design is crucial to how it seems and feels to the user, which encourages him to use it more frequently.
    With the help of the app templates and code snippets provided by Flutter UI, you can get your project going in Flutter.
    However, Flutter only offers a small selection of UI widgets, so you must start from scratch to create a new design.
    Therefore, if your application design is a little bit intricate, the developer may need additional time to create it.
  2. Adoption: React native employs Javascript, the most widely used programming language today, while Flutter uses the May 2017-released programming language Dart. Therefore, if you require both a website and a mobile application and your web application was created using React, Angular, or Vue js, it will be simple for the same developer to learn React Native and create the mobile application for you, which will ultimately lower your development costs.
  3. Community: Facebook published React Native in 2015, and there are more than 300k questions tagged with it on Stackoverflow, making it a very popular framework.

    Flutter has over 89k+ labeled questions on StackOverflow, whereas Flutter was published in 2017 by Google, has a smaller community, and developers are adopting it slowly.
  4. When we create a mobile app, we have to connect with the device’s parts like storage, camera, speaker, gyro, gestures, and more. This can be tricky for web apps to do. However, with hybrid frameworks like Flutter and React Native:
    • Flutter makes it easy with its built-in tools to use your device’s parts.
    • React Native has a bunch of community-made tools to help you connect with your device’s hardware.
  5. Hot reloading: React native has a super cool feature like hot reloading which reflects the changes of the developer instantly on the app that make the development faster.

So these are some reasons why most of the company prefer react native, because they need fast development, and it’s my personal suggestion to you if you want to start a startup and need a mobile app then you must go with react native, it will save you time, money and sooner you able to launch in the market.

What is the per-hour cost of a React Native developer?

Per hourly rate of a React native developer depends on many factors as I have already discussed in one of my articles [Complete Guide] How much does it cost to hire a mobile app developer in 2024.

React native developer in the UAE earns an average hourly rate of $30 dollar per hour according to the data obtained from Upwork. The platform also states that an average React native developer per hour cost lies between $15 – $70 per hour depending on country to country.

According to the plane an average React native developer’s salary in the United Arab Emirates is $1,21,900.

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How to calculate the React Native project cost?

Let’s understand how we can calculate an estimated project cost in React Native

First, let’s start with team member

For developing a complete mobile application, only hiring a React native developer is not sufficient you need team members like :

  1. React native developer (For mobile apps Android and iOS) ($20 per hour)
  2. Backend developer (Node.Js, .Net, PHP/Laravel) ($18 per hour)
  3. UI/UX designer ($12 per hour)
  4. Project manager ($20 per hour)

Additional developer if you are making an enterprise-level mobile application

  1. Devop’s engineer
  2. Architect Engineer
  3. Quality Analyst
  4. Operational Engineer

What are the factors that contribute to the development cost?

Admin panel development

If your app is fully customizable then you need an admin panel to control its functionality, some apps don’t need an admin panel, But some medium-level applications require an admin panel and a team to manage it. For developing an admin panel you need to hire a web developer and a backend developer also has to give extra time for it

So let’s say if you are developing an application like a taxi booking app then developing its admin panel requires time around 200 hours with minimal required features, we will calculate this at the last.

Integration of third-party elements

Incorporating a payment gateway, invoicing system, salesforce integration, subscription management, and third-party login system into your mobile app will surely increase the price and if the developer is integrating the first time then it may increase the time and budget as well.

Make sure you have such third-party integration features in your app then try to higher an little experienced developer who worked on it before.

It takes around 180 – 250 hours

Adjoining with legacy system

Integrating a new application with a third-party enterprise-level application can be time-consuming and the complexity level may also increase which may directly affect your budget.

It takes around 200 – 450 hours

In-app purchase

Adding an in-app purchase in your React native app requires 20 – 40 hours

Total app development cost with above features

200 + 180 + 200 + 20 = 600 hours

Basic app development costs $5000 + 600 (integrating the above extra features at the cost of $20 per hour)

5000 + 600 x 20 = 5000 + 12000 = $ 17,000

How to hire a mobile app development company in Dubai?


The mobile application has become a basic need for a growing organization to increase productivity, efficiency, and long-term growth. React native framework enables businesses to develop mobile applications in a single code base. React native gives the developer the benefit of cross-platform applications without compromising performance and app security.

If you hire a qualified app developer then definitely your business growth is possible,  But I always say that don’t choose a developer on the basis of pricing if you have a budget then try to go for a qualified developer, filter them according to the skills, experience, and number of projects.

You can also consider a dubai app developer for developing highly qualified mobile applications, This is a team of expert developers who are highly experienced in developing mobile applications basically cross-platform applications.

We have helped more than 100 startups and small and medium-sized businesses to enhance their business growth and productivity. Now we want to give our affordable service in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and other emirates states of UAE.

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