Conference app development cost in dubai [2024]?

After the pandemic video conferencing apps are in high demand in the business world, this is the best way of communication between team members. It is way better than chatting for hours that people connect on call and directly speak and show the work which saves time.

In video conferencing services, companies assert that conducting meetings through video conferences enhances productivity around 94% of the time. Conversely, 90% of individuals surveyed report that employing video conferencing helps them express and convey their ideas more clearly. Although the team is spread in different parts of the world also they can work better like in an office.

Some of the top market players in video conferencing services like Google Meet, Microsoft Team, Zoom, and Skype. In them, zoom is holding roughly around 55% of the market share and 36 million downloads.

Why you should develop a video conferencing service like Zoom?

This is an era of digital transformation, employers are hiring many developers to work from home, and to manage these remote employees for better communication they need a good conferencing service that you can develop and provide on a subscription basis.

Due to low competition, you can also start this service, and ofcourse if you have any better idea that can solve the problem that current services are not able to solve then you can position it way better than the other

At this time people are ready to adopt new video conferencing apps because this is just in a growing state but after a few years this market is going to be very competitive and maybe you cannot enter the market.

Development cost of the video conferencing app

Developing any mobile or web application requires so many factors if you want to know deep about this then read how much does it cost to develop app in 2024.

Connect on Call

Developing a video conferencing app similar to Zoom can incur costs ranging from $20,000 to $1,50,000. If you opt to construct the app entirely from scratch, the estimated cost typically starts at $50,000 and may surpass this figure. The final expenses depend on the specific features and services you decide to incorporate into the application.

Top features required to add in a video conferencing app

If you want to can add many features to the video conferencing application but there are some features that you must add to your application if you are going to develop it.

  • Personal and Group Messaging
  • Personal and Group calling
  • Screen sharing
  • Call recording
  • Add Contact
  • Create Group
  • Media sharing
  • Virtual hand raising
  • Mute/Unmute
  • Noise cancellation
  • Virtual background image

Even though whatever the features we add play an important role in the growth of the application what if though features are not working properly or smoothly then it will be a total waste and customers will switch to another video conferencing app. So better if you choose a better technology stack also.

Zoom builds its native applications using Android and Ionic frameworks. They use specific tools and languages to make sure their app works well on both Android and iOS devices. And also proper code quality also matters in software development.

Best video conferencing app developer

If you also want to develop a video conferencing app and start your own online business then you need to hire a developer, Hiring a developer on a monthly salary basis is cheaper than hiring a developer on an hourly basis.

Dubaiappdeveloper is a leading remote mobile app developer outsourcing company we provide you the highly qualified mobile app developers according to your needs and manage them. That means you have to just discuss your idea with our team and our project manager will coordinate with the team and give you the work. You can also have direct one-to-one meetings with developers.

Any time you want you can decrease or increase the strength of the developers

Minimum experience of mobile app developers in the dubaiappdeveloper team is 3 years. Also, they went through the different selection processes of dubaiappdeveloper to become part of the team.

We have helped more than 100+ startups in India and now we have expanding our services to UAE. In the early stage, many startup owners face the problem of hiring developers and initially, no developer wants to go to the early stage startup so startup owners go either to the agency or freelancers.


So video conferencing is a very good growing market you can start this online business and earn up to $10,000 recurring revenue per month. Proper planning and research are very important. Please do not try to develop the clone application first start with a problem that other video conferencing services are not able to solve and then make the solution on that.

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